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Fish Really Is Good For The Brain Like Momma Said

This Oregon brain study is a very strong study indeed, despite the low numbers enrolled, showing that nutrition is a key issue for dementia. We know that but it’s time that orthodox colleagues woke up to it.

Researchers identified three ways to relate dementia to diet—so called nutritional biomarker patterns (NBPs). Those with blood rich in fish omega-3s or rich in b vitamins were less likely to get dementia. Those with high blood levels of trans-fats (indicating a diet with a lot of manufactured foods) were more likely to get dementia.

That alone is sufficient, in my book, to criminalize processed food. Instead, they intend to criminalize taking plenty of B vitamins and omega-3s, under the new codex alimentarius laws. Go figure: it’s obvious which way the governments of the world are going. Kill their own citizens in favor of pharmaceutical profits.

You’ve heard me before use the term farmer-ceutical. It really does seem like the intention is to “harvest” sick people, to be able to sell them drugs. Mind you, anyone who listens to government advisories is already crazy, so us folk in the know will be OK, so long as we can get access to natural foods.

But the rest of the population are literally being driven crazy or demented by a criminal food industry, backed by lackeys in Congress and the FDA.

This interesting study also noted that brain volume was better in the group that ate better, by the way. That’s an MRI scan method for determining brain aging. We lose brain volume as we get older; dementia cases have much less brain tissue than normal.

Researchers look at 104 otherwise-healthy adults. 44% had high blood pressure but few other significant risk factors.

The study was published 28th December in the journal Neurology.


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