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Flu Vaccine Effectiveness, Comedy For The Season

Well, it’s Halloween tomorrow! Silly signs, placards, costumes and revelries. People go daft for a day and have fun.

It’s also the vaccine comedy season, with governments having their annual BIG JOKE on us!

“Get Your Flu Shot Here” signs are all over the parking lots and at the doors of supermarkets and pharmacies.


Every year the same bunch of corny (laughable) lies are trotted out: millions will be infected, countless deaths, totally safe… it’s all written up in a massive Big Pharma script that everyone has learned by heart, from nurses and primary care doctors, to government stooges and TV news anchors.

It doesn’t even need rehearsing these days; everyone knows their part and they just roll it out.

It Didn’t Work in 2014

Just one problem: the flu shot last year was a disastrous failure, except for the vast profits it made for Big Pharma.

Now the CDC reports this year’s flu shot may not protect against a strain of influenza that’s hitting the US right now. Does this mean the flu shot is useless?

“Not at all,” say the medical standup comedians. “Although this year’s flu vaccine doesn’t match two of the three main types of flu strains now in circulation, people who did get a flu shot and catch the flu get a much milder disease…”1

Wait a minute: let’s stop right there. We’ll try and catch these lies as they attempt to slide them by.

There is no evidence whatsoever for the claim that people get a milder illness. It’s clinging to straws to justify their epic failure to control this wily disease.

The truth, from independent medical literature reviews, shows that flu shots don’t really modify or prevent influenza or the complications of influenza in adults2 or children3 or indeed any of the influenza-like-illnesses (ILI) associated with other types of viruses that cause about 80% of all respiratory or gastrointestinal infections during any given flu season.

The Lies Roll Out

In the past three flu seasons, the CDC has claimed that flu vaccine effectiveness was between 47 and 62 percent.4

The joke is they do not have ANY statistics for the flu vaccine effectiveness; it’s a made-up lie. 99.9% of “flu” cases are never tested to confirm that the disease really is influenza.

So how can they possibly argue that patients had the disease or, even more dishonestly, that there was any method whatever to tell if the vaccine was actually effective?

This is criminal lying on a scale that only governments can pull off. Anyone else trying this degree of coercion to sell their product would be jailed for fraud.

But there’s more: in the 2008-2009 season, Canadian researchers noticed in the early weeks of the pandemic that people who got a flu shot seemed to be more likely to get infected with the pandemic virus than people who hadn’t received a flu shot.

Five studies done in several provinces showed the same puzzling and unsettling results.

News of the unexpected findings broke at a time when countries in North America and parts of Europe were getting ready to start vaccinating their populations for 2009 and so this was written off as the “Canadian problem”. The threat to mass control was averted by this quick thinking. However, Quebec opted not to offer the seasonal vaccine because of the concerns raised by the studies.5

This is Not A New Trend

Maybe you think the odd hiccup is allowed. It doesn’t mean wicked intent.

Well, let’s go back and take a look at the 2003/2004 flu season’s epic influenza vaccine fail. In the spring of 2003, federal health officials did know ahead of time that the influenza A Panama strain they chose for the seasonal flu vaccine was not a match for the emerging mutated H3N2 Fujian strain already making people very sick. Influenza experts told the FDA vaccine advisory committee (VRBPAC) that two genetic mutations in the H3N2 strain would likely cause the flu shot to fail if it was not included in the vaccine.6

So what was the government’s rationale for allowing drug companies to produce a flu vaccine they knew was likely a non-starter from the very beginning?


The vaccine manufacturers said they couldn’t include the mutated H3N2 subtype in the vaccine because they would miss the fall 2003 delivery and marketing deadline! In other words, it was all about protecting a multi-billion dollar flu vaccine market and not about truth in advertising.

The flu vaccine effectiveness for the 2003/2004 season was described by health officials as 3% to 14% which, considering they always massage figures upwards, means it was below dismal.

And every year it continues the same. The dominant sickness causing mutation is not even in the vaccine. Manufacturers would miss the profit-selling deadline if they waited to identify the villain of the year.

Flu vaccines contain a mixture of two influenza “A” virus strains and a “B” virus strain. These viruses continuously mutate, which is why I described is as a very wily virus. This is why the annual flu vaccine must be reformulated each year. But it’s a total sham that they pretend to wait and include the season’s deadliest.

It’s pure and absolute GUESSWORK each spring and the chances of guessing a mutation are basically, zero. It’s a fraud from start to finish.

Safety Lies

Is the flu vaccine actually causing sickness?

Every year we get the same nonsense that flu vaccine is 100% safe. Any incident that proves it is not is written off as false reporting (the pot calling the kettle black).

Yet studies suggest that when children get a flu shot every year it can interfere with healthy immune responses and make them more likely to get influenza in certain flu seasons.7

So, vaccines damage the immune system? Aren’t they supposed to protect immunity?

Is there any wonder they hurt patients, especially children? Today’s genetically engineered flu vaccines contain insect and animal DNA, foreign proteins and unevaluated chemical adjuvants designed to hyper-stimulate human immune responses. In what Barbara Loe Fisher, writing for the Vaccine Information Center,  describes as “an irrational crusade to outsmart influenza viruses,” vaccine risks are increasing while vaccine failures continue to haunt the entire money-driven enterprise.8

What Can You Do?

Stay totally calm. Unless you are an old crumbly, nearing the end of your days (which you shouldn’t be, if you do what I teach you) you have little to fear, other than a nasty illness.

Remember, almost all “flu” is the ordinary cold virus, which is unpleasant but not dangerous.

Do all the normal good stuff, like eat fresh, lots of raw greenies and fruit.

Take your supplements, especially vitamin D. This is the number one anti-flu remedy. Be sure to take 4,000- 5,000 IU of the D3 form daily (up to 10,000 daily).

Take your vitamin C, as Linus Pauling prescribed. You’ll likely not get any viral illness. But if you do, here’s a hot remedy I’ve been teaching for over 35 years:

  1. Take 10,000 units of vitamin A daily for 3 days (you MUST then stop for safety reasons) but that will almost certainly blow it.
  2. PLUS you do vitamin C orally up to the bowel flush level (diarrhea) but take at least 25 grams daily for 3 days, even with rotten diarrhea, and then drop to tolerance (split the load, less likely to upset the bowel).

Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, can survive these 3 antibiotic/anti-viral vitamins. They work together like magic. Put the details in your smartphone and keep them!

To a healthy, enjoyable winter season.

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