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Healing Down Below For Women (and Men!)

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In my last newsletter, I introduced my concept of the “hot pelvis”. That’s a trouble zone for women, down below. Men often know nothing of it (she submits and doesn’t complain). But it can hurt. And it’s potentially dangerous, as I explained.

But I also made a promise: that I would introduce you to a completely new way of tackling ill-health within the pelvis, whether bladder infections, endometriosis, vaginitis, endometritis, PCOS and scarring, or any other of the women’s ills that doctors of old used to dismiss as hysteria (meaning loose, floating uterus!!)

This radical new approach is microcurrent therapy (MCT). I know you’ve heard of it before but maybe not in this context.

Look, we are talking advanced energy healing. This is not about disease “stuff”, it’s about bent “processes” going out of shape in the pelvis; wrong energies, if you like.

Sometimes it comes from the head, meaning a woman who isn’t happy playing her supposed role; sometimes it’s relationships (affairs); sometimes it’s career pressure; sometimes it’s a “back issue” (ancestors and their crazy goings on!)

IT DOESN’T MATTER. Energies can be swept away; bad energies replaced by clean, fresh HEALTHY energies. The beauty of energy medicine is that—done right—it overrides all causes. Matter (“stuff”) is the same as energy; that’s Einstein, physics.

But energy is more powerful than material “stuff”; in fact BILLIONS of times more powerful—that’s atomic bombs and nuclear energy. SO ENERGY WINS, HANDS DOWN! Energy healing is the way to go.

That’s why Scientific American, in 2015, announced that microcurrent therapy (bioelectric medicine) was the medicine of the future. They could see where it was going. Well, 7 years on, microcurrent therapy has proven itself time and time again. Conditions and diseases that just would not heal previously, no matter the treatment, got corrected quite quickly.

So I decided to hold what is probably the world’s first microcurrent therapy for genito-urinary problems webinar. 

Men Too

Obviously womens’ pelvic troubles are going to feature heavily. But men are not going to be left out. Prostate troubles are a big deal for the older man: we too can suffer with urinary urgency and incontinence, due to an enlarged prostate. That too can be healed by MCT.

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