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King Arthur Where Are You? We Need You!

Of all the figures in all the myths in all the millennia among all the civilizations of earth, no-one has seemed more powerful or been more LOVED than King Arthur. He’s British, of course (haha!) but many nations have a version of this hero. It’s an enduring, universal myth of a model that Carl Jung would have called an archetype: a common imprint in many peoples’ psyche that holds sway.

I myself would point to multiple past lives, across multiple dimensions and many universes and say we have met him before, often in extreme need. He really did exist. And—YES—there was an incarnation of him here in Britain, at a time when it really counted

King Arthur Where Are You? We Need You! King Arthur as a bit of an oldie; a modern-day Boomer maybe?

We have a legend that goes back into the deeps of time. Don’t get derailed by Sir Thomas Mallory’s famous medieval tale of Camelot, Avalon and the Knights of The Round Table (Le Morte d’Arthur, 1485). It’s clear the origin of the story goes back much earlier than that.

The “real” King Arthur probably lived around the 5th or 6th century AD, in northern Britain (nowhere near Tintagel and Glastonbury). Many of his supposed battles tally well with Scottish border place names. Cambrae (Wales) and Cumbria (northern England) are dangerously similar. And don’t overlook the fact that at that time, those around the borders were known as the “Welsh”, which later became a territory much further south and to the west.

It all adds to the confusion but, hey, I want to leave behind the real history of Arthur and look at the myth. Why?

Because one of the most endearing (and enduring) aspects of the Arthur legend is that he will, one day, come again. He will arise and defend us against evil and wrong.

We need him now! Good folk and true everywhere are being assailed, oppressed, even hurt and killed, by the forces of wickedness. Would that he were to come again and effect a rescue! (that’s a bit of old-fashioned English for you… Trala!)

We have to believe in something coming to the recue: extraterrestrials, angels, higher beings, the Knights Templars, whatever you fancy. Some people have strong religious convictions; that Jesus and his Second Coming is due and is needed, right about now!

Otherwise humankind, including all that we have known and cared for, is going to be swallowed in a long dark night which, in the words of Winston Churchill, would be made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.

No question, we have the perverted science. It’s here RIGHT NOW, pouring from the CDC, the FDA and Big Pharma.

And talking of perversions, the WOKE mob are on this. We are in danger of having the King Arthur legend metamorphosed into the Queen Arthuria, a fighting lesbian, or something equally daft!

King Arthur Where Are You? We Need You!

Of course anyone who has read the stories will know the women were the trouble! Morgana the sorceress and Guinevere the adulteress! This image is supposed to be Guinevere, armed and lethal (! Laughable!!

As I said in my meditation track “Visit To Avalon”: No need for ladies to go swinging a sword but, as a woman, you have so much power among the men that they do everything for you! You are the source of the goodness and light; the men are its messengers.

Anyway, to the point…

Our world is now as troubled and torn as it was at any time in history. Evil has always been around; but evil never had so much wealth and power before! The wicked ones own much of the earth and its resources. It’s difficult to see how all this is going to play out.

We need to be ourselves and act large, like never before. It’s time to measure up.

It’s connecting with deeper emotions and feelings, held so dear by aware humans: love, truth, integrity, courage, resourcefulness and, in the end, YES, self-fulfillment. It speaks to a richer life, a life of spirit, goodness, godliness, holiness and Being. The Higher Life if you like. Yes, existence on a higher plane.

The Knights Of The Round Table were like saints, priests of a different class, leaders, teachers, inspiration for what we would like to be.

We honor the stories, we love them. And we do want to be found worthy. We want to believe that we too would have the courage to fight the dragon, to right the wrong, to avenge evil, to make the world a more harmonious place. I wouldn’t want to fail if I was called, would you?

So maybe Arthur is not going to appear in flesh and blood but in our hearts and minds. WE are to be “the once and future king”. Again, in the Visit To Avalon meditation, I used these words, which I hold to be true: Avalon is a dimension of the heart that you can’t see. It is beyond the mind, in the realm of eternal life and Being.

The sword Excalibur is no longer a super-weapon in a world of AK 47s and nerve-toxins like Novichok. Instead our weapons are truth, endurance, family and social values and certainly courage.

The latter will be needed in shed-loads. Integrity and fighting for what is right, even if it puts you in danger.

And Lancelot and Guinevere give us the archetypal treachery (that word again: archetype), that is so hard to predict and so tragic to deal with.

Listen, if King Arthur is too long ago and too remote for you (or just silly after the musical Camelot), what about the movie Highlander and the unusual spiritual powers called “The Quickening”?

It carried the tag line “There can only be one”.

There are characters in The Highlander called “immortals”. Immortals are a group of ageless beings that cease aging after receiving a fatal wound. They do not die. They have no natural lifespan, and can live forever unless beheaded.

Corny Hollywood movies don’t usually carry much credible metaphysics and ontology but this one has a go at it…

It seems that King Arthur is an “immortal” and we need him to re-manifest!

If I intrigued you with the references to the brain entrainment meditation, you can all grab a copy of it here. It’s minus the critical photic driving part but at least there is still the binaural beats effects… and the nice music and my soothing voice. It will take you on a wonderful creative mind journey, which I know you will LOVE!

It’s my gift to you all.

If you want the full-on brain entrainment effect and transformation, learn more here and get yourself a BrainTap device!

There can only be one Prof… It’s me

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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