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Holistic Healing: How to Connect Your Mind, Body, and Health

Caring can come in many forms. For me, it comes in the form of sharing with my readers what I’ve learned not only as a doctor but also as an inhabitant of the universe. Imparting knowledge about medical breakthroughs as well as holistic healing methods that you might not know gives me true joy and sense of purpose.

Each of us – this includes you – is a powerful being in our own right. We can affect positive changes to our lives in every area! No matter whether your personal struggle is financial, physical, emotional, or professional, you have the power to make changes for the good!

In all my years of living and practicing medicine, I have learned that a crucial aspect of health concerns the health of your inner self. How you feel in your mind directly impacts how you feel in your body and what your overall health condition will be.

The true obstacles in your life usually involve an unsafe or stagnant environment, people around you who may hinder your personal growth, and your own expectations of self.

That last one is pretty big. Your intimate feelings about yourself, how you envision your own life, and what is often referred to as your “self-worth” are either going to move you forward or hold you back. You are the captain of your ship and it is time you take the wheel.

I’m not going to tell you that how you think is the only thing you need to worry about to stay healthy. That would be silly. Positive thoughts aren’t going to stop heart disease if you regularly eat from a drive-through restaurant or live a sedentary life. Positive thoughts aren’t going to stop lung cancer if you smoke cigarettes. Positive thoughts aren’t going to stop a lack of energy from too little sleep.

Holistic healing begins with addressing your entire being – your intellectual mind, your physical body, and your emotional thoughts. If one of the three is out of balance, your entire life will suffer the consequences.

The Alternative Doctor’s Top 7 Tips for Living Better

  1. Get more sleep and make no apologies for it.
  2. Remove all toxic foods from your diet.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Kick bad personal habits like smoking out of your life for good.
  5. Exercise every day for thirty minutes.
  6. Refuse to allow negative people and situations in your life.
  7. Always be willing to learn and grow.

Everything is connected. Your history, the history of your family, your children, nature, the country you live in, and the universe that surrounds us. When you accept these facts and see them in relation to who you were, who you are, and who you will be, you can harness the power to propel your health, your dreams, and your very life forward.

Holistic Healing Begins from the Inside Out

You have the ability to do incredible things for yourself, your family, your country, and your world. Yes, it is absolutely true. The potential is inside you right this moment, waiting for you to tap into it. I want you to be able to change your world and then share with others so that they can create this type of transformational change, too.

I love method and logic. Reason and intellect are the best way forward in a world that is far too often unreasonable and ignorant. Hoping the world unites is a waste of your time unless you understand the “how” to make it happen.

After thirty years of doing what I do, I have over 2 million words that range from insightful to delicious, magical to mean, and powerful to lovely. The time to share them is right now.

I believe that every problem has a solution waiting to be discovered. I’m a fixer, a healer, and I enjoy the experience of mending things that are broken. It isn’t all about repairing the mind or the body. It is about healing yourself, then your immediate environment, on and on until you begin to affect positive change in the world around you.

In my latest book, Healing Your Life, I offer an abundance of techniques and teachings that will change the way you think, feel, and look at your life.

Intentions without actions mean nothing. If you follow the steps I outline in my book, you’re going to see positive change in yourself, family, friends, neighbors, and even those people you don’t get along with most of the time (or ever).

Change – true, measurable change – resides inside your being and the only way to access it is through your inner self. The life that is best for you may not be the life that is best for everyone but that is all right! Our differences and uniqueness means that we all bring something specific to the table and our individuality should be celebrated!

What are you going to find inside Healing Your Life? Healing knowledge that will feed your mind and your spirit like super-nutrition. I’m going to talk about techniques – some may be familiar and others will be brand new – to take back full control of your life.

Section Samples:

  • Extended thinking to gain the traits of a “genius”
  • Basics of reason – a complete list you can use to succeed at anything!
  • Understanding problems and conflicts and how to fix them
  • 16 codes of behavior that cost you nothing
  • How to balance the law of reciprocity
  • A surprise tool to happiness
  • A small thing you must avoid that undermines & hurts your mental health
  • A powerful 7-10 day program of mental “cleansing” (it’s like Feng sui in the mind!)
  • Every element you need for good and effective communication
  • What you give out is what you get back…9 rules on how to help others

Let’s face it, if you don’t want to know more about the mechanics of joy, success, and personal ability that you already possess, you’re not living!

There is nothing woo-woo or mystical here. It will empower you more than you have ever felt empowered before. You’re going to find a lot of what I call “healing knowledge” that will mend lives, sooth troubled hearts, and get life back on track with better outcomes. This is a practical manual that will teach you how to get your ego off the case and turn up the volume on your loving inner voice that already speaks with authority and wisdom.

Healing Your Life is a journey, an adventure, a mind mission! Read it, be it, do it!

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