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How to Fight Candida and Painful Yeast Infections

Sensational New Discoveries to the Candida Story…

Everyone has heard about "Candida". The problem exists but it’s unlikely that Candida is the real cause. But how can you fight candida? People get sick–of course they do–but Candida isn’t the cause, unless you are dying of terminal AIDS or cancer.

The "Candida" hype is from sources about 30 years out of date. I pointed out the many other candidates as causative organisms in one of my books as long ago as 1992. The truth is, there are dozens of potential culprits.

Even food yeasts are capable of fermenting foods and producing most, if not all, of the symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, etc.

How to Fight Candida I repeat: Candida is very, very rarely to blame. It just doesn’t show up–you can’t find it in stool samples, where it would be OBVIOUS if the Candida story that’s being peddled was correct.

Sensitivity tests only tell you that you encountered it. Well, we all do! Candida is everywhere, like germs in the soil! It’s on your skin and under your fingernails right

Fight Candida – Arm Yourself With the Right Information

The sad thing is, even good (otherwise good) holistic practitioners get this wrong too. They fall into the lazy trap of reading other people’s books and websites and parrot it back to patients.

You are about to learn the full story from a master in the field. This is so way beyond typical housewife, how-I-cured-myself publications.

You will be impressed as everything is backed by up-to-the-minute science, plus I reveal what works and what doesnt from my direct personal experience.

What you want is the cutting edge science. That’s what I do. I eat, sleep, drink and think cutting edge stuff. It’s my equivalent of oxygen and food!

The truth is, what we used to call dysbiosis has become the number one health hazard of our modern world. It’s far more terrifying than just the simplistic “Candida” model. You’ll be shocked.

It’s something that threatens our very DNA; it’s something that is made so much worse by our modern toxic lifestyles; it’s truly THE disease of the 21st century.

I have no hesitation is telling you that you need to know and UNDERSTAND this phenomenon. It’s got nothing to do with just being tired and lethargic; if you have EVER taken an antibiotic, you’ll be at risk. If you have EVER eaten bread or drunk alcohol, you’ll be affected.

Better get to this page now. Read more and get yourself a copy of my book "Beyond Candida" to get everything you need to know about this common overlooked, misdiagnosed health problem.

Get your copy now and understand the whole journey, starting with how to fight Candida, and then beyond…

Fight Candida

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