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How To Kill Over a Billion People Scientifically

The furore, the baloney, the falsehoods and fake COVID science continue, on and on.

Anyone who doesn’t toe the line and do what they are ordered to do is “threatening public safety”. But we all know the official story is a welter of lies and domination, ultimately brought into play by communist China, via their bloated Marxist crony, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO.

Wikipedia (which means NOTHING as a source of factual information any more) has conveniently dressed him up as a “public health researcher”! Haha! He was part of a murdering political party and China paid a LOT of corruption money to get him appointed. He knows no medicine and wouldn’t even know how to administer first aid to the needy!

But he knows guns, force and fake propaganda, as do all the Marxists.

covid science

An explicit cartoon from Dutch Volkskrant, showing Xi Jinping manipulating Tedros

Now Tedros (as he’s known for short) is leading the charge to destroy Western democracies and ruin our economies! Watch out for the WHO proposed “pandemic treaty” which will give the WHO powers to run the world and override sovereign elected governments. All it needs is a fake ”pandemic” and the WHO can move in and crush countries for “the common good”. That’s exactly what they have been practicing already, aided and abetted by political crooks, power maniacs (like Gates) and shill doctors all over the world.

The WHO has been enforcing “public health measures” which are counter-science and proven NOT to work. The countries and states which resisted these enforcement measures have had far better health outcomes (less morbidity and fewer deaths) than those who followed the “correct” counter-COVID measures.

And now the public isn’t happy. They are pushing back. No convincing evidence of any kind has ever been produced to show the recent extreme health measures were necessary or effective (lots of real science to show they were ineffective though).

More and more legal challenges are hitting out at the ridiculous rules and—guess what?—the shills aren’t happy about that. So-called experts are warning “Court battles over Covid-19 safety measures and recent court rulings will impact the government’s ability to keep Americans safe,” says an article from a doctor’s online magazine ( via MedPageToday)*.

What a joke! America has by far the worst outcome statistics of any nation on earth. In what sense is that “keeping Americans safe”? Fauci has manipulated the facts from the start and hastily moved his “vaccine” product (Moderna) to the top of the list, while assassinating the Pfizer chief and banning (with lies) the use of simple, cheap and effective remedies, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin; remedies with an impeccable record of safety and performance. So you are clear about it: ivermectin has been in the US Pharmacopeia as a legitimate human medicine for many years but the shills only describe it as a horse-worming pill.

Mounting legal challenges to pandemic public health rules — and judges’ increasing willingness to overrule medical experts — threaten to erode the influence of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government health authorities, the article continued.

Well, it’s about time reason and democracy came into force, instead of arbitrary control measures (and I use the world control advisedly).

The US Founding Fathers were smart enough to realize that any democracy, to survive, must have what they called checks and balances, so that no one group or ideology could take total control.

But then someone hit on the idea of using medicine as a vehicle for total world domination. By pretending to enforce “scientific” and “necessary” policies for the “safety” of the public, state, nation, or whatever, they could railroad through laws and controls which no sane society would countenance in the name of government and politics.

And that’s exactly what we were subjected to. Medical phoneys and ignorant politicians in a power grab, instigating laws which deny human rights and fundamental freedoms.

But the corpse of democracy is still breathing (just!) and in the last year, four court rulings against the CDC, including one from the Supreme Court, have forced the agency to stop or change its pandemic mitigation orders. Most recently, a Florida district judge ordered a national injunction ending the agency’s mask mandate on public transport.

Notice the “pandemic mitigating” adjective. As the official stats soared out of control, there is not been a single shred of justification—or any measure or stat—by which the CDC’s policies can be shown to have any mitigating effect whatever!

“Litigation invites litigation invites litigation,” said Wendy Parmet, faculty co-director at the Center for Health Policy and Law at Northeastern University. It’s a cycle that “creates enormous uncertainty about what CDC could do going forward should the pandemic worsen again, or should another pandemic or even a more regional outbreak arise.”

See they STILL keep touting the idea it has been a real epidemic and we are at risk and there could be “another outbreak”, any day…

These welcome challenges to the CDC sit atop thousands more lawsuits against state and local health authorities, seeking to end localized social distancing and mask orders, vaccine mandates and business closures.

The shills are near-hysterical in their response and how releasing the public from enforced control would devastate national safety.

The constant threat of being dragged into court may be having a chilling effect on local health officials that may last well beyond the Covid-19 crisis, leading health commissioners or board of health members to think twice about enacting public safety measures. Well, let’s hope so anyway.

Round the world, government authority and individuals’ fierce defense of personal freedoms became locked on to a collision course. Now lawsuits are flying everywhere. The USA, as we know, is litigation crazy: not logic and honesty-minded, just litigation-minded! Anyone seeking redress of checks and balance is denounced as “political meddling,” the implication being they are doing only bad things. Well, I say there has been political meddling from the CDC, Biden’s administration, the NIH and the WHO in particular.

It’s time they were stopped and hiding behind fake science I hope will not protect them.

Many of these court decisions have called out the poor or missing science. What scientific evidence or expertise? Oh yes, I forgot, the lying shills who are paid to work for the vaccine manufacturers, Tedros and Fauci. The idiot instruments of communist China’s final take over of the West (which is going quite well, by all accounts).

Meanwhile, ALL ALONG, the voices of hundreds of thousands of good doctors and scientists who hold dissenting views have been silenced, by toe rags like Dr. Mark Zuckerberg, the Google bosses and Twitter. Signees to the Great Barrington Declaration (launched by world-class professors at Harvard, Oxford (UK) and Stanford) have been marginalized as fools or swindlers.

This got so bitter that UK “investigative journalist” (read: lying a**hole) Nafeez Ahmed got people to sign up with fake IDs to the Declaration, to discredit it. Since when has lying and fraud been a way to expose truths?

Here is a response from someone targeted on Twitter:covid science twitter

In this climate, contrary opinions simply will not be tolerated; they are not merely challenged, they are removed from the face of the earth (meaning digitally removed), which is as bad as excommunication…

All semblances of checks and balances have been eliminated, which is very worrying for the future. Science does not exist in a climate of absolutism, denial and manipulation of facts.

But then who says this is about science? Like the Nazis policy of eugenics and slaughter, this is about GETTING RID OF PEOPLE, not saving them. It’s about politics and propaganda, not science at all!


Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor



Also be sure to read Dr. Peter Breggin’s powerful book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, which is very exact about the origin of China’s world take-over plans.

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