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Brain Fitness and The Best Way To Achieve It

Question and Answer

The best sleep device I know is called the Brain Tap and its developer, Dr. Patrick Porter, has helped to integrate my spoken mind journeys into his system. Among them: A Visit To Avalon, Journey To Atlantis, Tour of The Universe, Our Sun Meditation, Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness and “white light” (for pain).

Many people complain that, despite having these tracks included, they can never get to the end of one. They always fall asleep first!

Most importantly, there is a dedicated “sleep track” that’s sure to put you to sleep, with its hidden brain induction, and my metaphors for getting to sleep (NOT including counting sheep, ahem!)

My additional tracks come FREE with your purchase of the device, in addition to the many factory-installed tracks. There is a small monthly fee for membership (not obligatory) and you can choose among thousands of other tracks. Just follow your fancy!

There is a special smartphone app to accompany the Brain Tap headset and ganz frames (goggles) set up. It’s a delightful experience, comfortable to use and very easy.

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