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How To Reduce Inflammation and Prevent Fire In the Belly

Sometimes you have a gut feeling about things. It’s happened to all of us. You don’t need all the facts about a situation to act. You instinctively know what to do.

That feeling you have in your gut may be more than just an instinct. Research now proves that there is a greater connection between your gut and your brain.

Even more fascinating is that it goes both ways.

Your gut is the key to your entire body. Many of you have heard of psychosomatic illness, a condition where your brain can actually fool your body into thinking it’s sick.

There’s Truth to the Saying “A Gut Feeling”

Let’s examine for a moment the real science behind it. Science now talks about the gut being a ‘second brain’…

Well the gut can actually think for us and is very smart, that’s why we rely on what it’s telling us. Our “second brain” has all the same neurotransmitters and just as many neurons as the spinal cord or peripheral nerves. In fact 95% of the body’s serotonin is found in this gut “brain”, which thus affects our moods, actions and performance.

So it’s no surprise that your gut and something as minor as inflammation – could cause illness throughout your body.

The Foundation of Inflammation

Any part of your body can become inflamed. Normal inflammation is usually a result of your body’s own immune response to invading pathogens. You see evidence of inflammation when a cut or scrape becomes red or swollen. It is a natural and normal reaction as your white blood cells mount a defense against the attackers.

This is defined as acute inflammation – flaring up then calming again.

When your body is overwhelmed by repeated attacks – such as pollution in the air, exposure to chemicals in your daily life, or bacteria in your food and water – a different and far more dangerous reaction occurs.

Overloaded, your body becomes unable to recognize friend from foe. Burning match

Your immune system begins sending out the troops (white blood cells) to fight everything. Your immune system begins attacking your body because it can no longer tell the difference between invading organisms and natural cells.

This is ongoing inflammation or chronic inflammation.

The Fight Starts in Your Gut

Inflammation, the number one disease mechanism, that leads to aging and decay, is just like a fire: it’s hot, it consumes our tissues, it lays waste the body, just like a wildfire.

More than 80% of your immune system is based within your gut. If your immune system is compromised you’re at risk, your gut is where the fight begins.

Typically, chronic inflammation is diagnosed after another disease. Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and even cancer have shown a direct connection to chronic inflammation.

Warning Signs of Chronic Inflammation

The early symptoms associated with chronic inflammation are high blood pressure, difficulty maintaining blood sugar levels, persistent joint and body pain, fatigue or lethargy, asthma or allergies, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Though it is frustrating that a simple method of testing for chronic inflammation has not been developed yet – not all is lost!

Safe and Natural Ways on How to Reduce Inflammation & Fire in the Belly

In my book “Fire in the Belly,” you will discover the connection between your gut and the root cause of all disease “inflammation”.

There are many solutions ranging from dietary and lifestyle choices to medical tests and blood work. Some options for how to reduce chronic inflammation can be easy while others are more involved.

Speak Up!

The doctor/patient relationship is not as close as it once was. Often, you may not feel comfortable sharing information (or asking for it). Maybe you respond with “fine” when asked by your physician about your recent health and well-being.

Few of us have ever thought to inquire about things such as an intestinal permeability test. This lab work may require giving a bit more blood to complete but it could save your life.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge of yourself and the processes of your body is one of the most important skills you will ever possess.

I’ll share my knowledge with you in “Fire In The Belly”. It’s a very real problem and much further upstream than looking just at only inflammation. I’ll tell you the whole story, simply.

It’s absolutely riveting science click here to discover it now.

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