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I can’t believe nature is this stupid

Nature Is Really Dumb (Or So Most Doctors Think… they really believe they know better)

You know what I think! Nature is wise and a million times more powerful than any scientist or doctor. She’s a metaphor, of course. But if old Granny Nature was out there, I bet she’d be pretty pee’ed off with the way arrogant doctors presume so much; they kill and yet NEVER question their own ignorance.

It’s rather amazing to watch, actually; like seeing someone playing Monopoly and losing all their money, over and over, and yet still considering themselves masters of the game and hooting like champions!  It doesn’t make sense.

Take vitamin C (again!) Most animals make their own ascorbic acid, so it isn’t a vitamin for them. They wash their bodies in 10- 15 grams daily of vitamin C and never get sick or get cancer (except when fed by humans). Vitamin C is the L-rotatory isomer of ascorbic acid and is powerful at mopping up deadly free radicals.

We can’t make vitamin C, but it is absolutely vital to health and so we must take in enough each day for our needs. How much is enough? Well, that’s not as difficult as you think. A human child, fed on breast milk, gets about 30 mg daily but that represents 6-7 mg per pound of body weight. That equates to about 1200- 1500 mg for an adult male!

What is the official recommendation? 60 mg (UK), 75- 90 mg (USA). How can Nature be so stupid as to give a baby 20 times the amount clever and informed scientists recommend?

By contrast, Linus Pauling recommended a minimum of 2 grams daily, as we all know. But he went further than that and actually suggested optimum was 6- 18 grams (6000 mg to 18,000 mg), based on the large amounts of vitamin C animals make for themselves, and on the amount humans must ingest orally to achieve similar levels*. Vitamin C author/expert Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, recommends similar high quantities (6 – 12 grams).

I suggest we should raise our minimum from 2 grams (Pauling) to 5 grams. And remember that in times of stress or overload, you need 4 or 5 times that amount.

I think this is a critical issue with vaccinations. Most infants are demonstrably in marginal scorbutic status (on the brink of scurvy). Vitamin C protects against the ravages of vaccinations, so children should not suffer any lack. Archie Kalokerinos MD, in Australia, showed that aboriginal children with inadequate vitamin C levels would die like flies after vaccination (hence the title of his book “Every Second Child”). But if given adequate doses of vitamin C, mortality dropped to normal.

This may even subtend to the autism issue. I know of no study where rates of autism have been compared to vitamin C status. I would love to see this done.

Until we know for sure, I urge you to cover the possibility by giving every child you know, or have care of, at least 1 gram a day of vitamin C, especially while being vaccinated. Remember, there is almost no vitamin C in food. Nothing these days is fresh enough to have ANY vitamin C, unless you pick it or dig it up yourself.

Thomas Levy’s liposomal packaging of vitamin C (Livon Labs) seems to have proved itself to be valuable, beyond mere marketing stories etc. It’s gloopy but, when put in fresh juice, there is no negative taste and is equivalent to about 10 times the normal oral dose. As a bonus, the phosphatidyl choline is a good brain nutrient.

Incidentally, I have no financial connection with Livon Labs. I merely like to save lives. Save me a few more: get lashings of vitamin C into your clan!

Anti-Aging Tip

Before I go, take note that vitamin C is involved in several important enzyme pathways. One is in the process of making collagen. Scurvy is characterized by bruises and bleeding (no collagen connective tissue support for blood vessels), poor wound healing (no collagen for repairs) and teeth coming loose (no collagen support for teeth).

We need collagen and so we need vitamin C. Without enough of it, our bodies cannot repair stressed and aging tissues and the result is wrinkles. Ugh! Take plenty of vitamin C to protect yourself against aging and to make sure that you don’t go wrinkly before your time.

Don’t smoke! The tobacco habit increases demand for vitamin C, to quench the free radicals. Smokers tend to be short in vitamin C and that is the main reason they wrinkle and age much earlier than the rest of us. It’s probably why they get cancer and other health problems too. But the “answer” is not vitamin C; the answer is STOP SMOKING!

*Note that the Linus Pauling Institute and the Levin group at the National Institutes of Health recommend only 400 mg, despite what Pauling actually said.


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