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I Want To Feel, I Want To LOVE, I Want To Sing And Dance

OK, enough of the medical politics already! (no, I’m not Jewish; just a jokey figure of speech). I’ve done enough bashing Big Pharma lately. You get tired of evil.

Let’s get back to our main work, which is growing old gracefully—or disgracefully as someone joked. It’s true: BOOMERS WANT TO LIVE FOREVER! Or if we can’t, we want to go on partying till our last day on Earth.

No crumbly old age and decrepitude for us. I defy even wrinkles! I want to make love to my darling wife often and effectively. I want to enjoy vigorous walks on the beautiful wilds of Nature that God gave us. I want to feel my muscles thrash and hear my sinews sing!

I want to feel, I want to LOVE, I want to sing and dance, I want to speak and write like an angel, I want to hug plenty… all the days of my life.

Who is with me?

There’s enough science out there to live for 150 years or more. Ignore the loony scientists who say nobody can live that long. They just ignore everybody who is still around after 120 years or more. “These old goats are frauds,” they say, “Or maybe deluded. They just think they lived that long; their memories are bad and can’t be trusted.”

But, hey! Dr Li Ching-Yun (or Yuen) in China lived for over 260 years. Records exist showing he was born in 1677 and the Chinese government he was sent him official certificates at ages 150, 200, and 250, so there is a fair degree of certainty this was correct.

At the astonishing age of 250 he lectured medical students in Beijing on the art of living a long and healthy life. His obituary appeared in the New York Times May 8th 1933 and in The Times on May 6th. His age was given as 256 and reading about this case was supposedly what inspired James Hilton to write his Shangri-La classic Lost Horizon.

Dr. Li’s reported formula was “Keep a quiet heart; sit like a tortoise; sleep like a dog”. These accord well with modern anti-aging science, which says, avoid stress, avoid inflammatory over-exertion, and sleep at least 8 hours!

Zaro Agha is believed to be the oldest person in modern times. Zaro, a Turk who lived to 162 years, was credited by Time Magazine (March 17, 1930) as attaining the title of the world’s oldest man. He was born two years before the signing of the American Declaration of Independence, and lived until 1934.

In 1973 National Geographic (no lightweight magazine, you will agree) published an account of a woman called Khfaf Lasuria, who was calculated by visiting American MDs to be between 130 and 140 years old. At the age of 111 she had retired from her work (picking tea) and she was still travelling alone by bus visiting relatives. Her conversation was crisp and lucid, and her memory formidable. Khfaf drank a glass of vodka and smoked a packet of cigarettes every day.

Khfaf Lasuria

So-called science keeps peddling Jeanne Calment (1875–1997) of France as the only valid case. She made it to 122, which is not that impressive. What is thrilling though is that Calment spent her life doing almost everything that doctors advise against if you want to live a long life! She smoked, she drank, she played with guns, she ate excessive amounts of sugar and red meat, and she never ate breakfast, save for a cup or two of coffee.

It poses the super-sweet question: WHAT DO DOCTORS REALLY KNOW? Nothing!

They tell you not to eat fat; you’ll never make it to this age, unless you eat plenty of fat! They tell you not to eat chocolate; Calment ate at least 2 lbs a week! They tell you not to smoke and alcohol is bad for you. Yet Calment and Khfaf Lasuria both smoked heavily and drank a LOT!

Thing is, these aging superstars were wrinkly prunes, yes, but fit and highly active until the very end.

Here are men and women defying all scientific predictions by failing to follow orthodox medical advice! The best of civilized medicine in the world (supposedly) is letting its people turn into sad incompetent invalids from the sixth decade onwards.

And NO, it’s not genes. It amuses me always to report that America’s oldest man Walter Breuning lived to age 114. Yet his parents both died in their 50s! Forget genes. Healthy old age is about controlling environmental factors and that includes diet, of course.

In fact anti-aging doctors are united about one thing: we do not die of age, we die of diseases. These extreme old age cases did not finally run out of life! They contracted a terminal illness and were whisked away. Nine out of ten times bronchopneumonia is the reason. They made it past the dangers of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, only to succumb to an everyday infection, which because of their frailty, proved too severe.

But there is ONE THING you must not do, if you want to live beyond 100 and still enjoy life; YOU MUST NOT PUT ON EXCESS WEIGHT. Overweight is bad enough. Obesity is deadly.


So the recent launch of a physical (print) copy of my latest book on how to lose weight effectively is really just an extension of my anti-aging strategy. You might think oldsters are wrinkly and skinny because they are old? No, they make it to a grand old ager because they are skinny (the wrinkly bit has to do with poor collagen formation and loss of elasticity. Not inherently unhealthy. Just something that happens through time).

Look, statistics say that if you made it past forty, you’re well on your way to being a centenarian. If you pass sixty it’s better than 50/50 you’ll make it to 85. If you pass 85, you are on at 50/50 to make it to the century, whether you want to or not!

So it makes sense to do everything to ensure those later decades are kind to you: no senility, walking frame, dementia or incontinence for you!

But it starts with healthy eating. And we have that down pat, if you listen to the proper sources (NOT the US government experts, who have killed millions with their eat-carbs-low-fat dogma).

To find out the latest science of keeping your weight in trim—and there’s TONS of science now—you will enjoy the fact that I have saved you the work of gathering it all together. I’ve put pretty well everything we know between the covers of a book. Click this link and go read more about the “Ultimate Science of Weight Loss”!

It’s NOT a diet plan. It’s an education…

Don’t be fooled by the size. Smartphone photos make things look bigger and closer.

You’ll be glad you did, as the years roll by and others around you fall apart, while you sail on to great and vigorous old age.

Come love, sing and dance with me (OK I’m in my seventies but I look, feel and perform like I just passed forty!)

Let’s party!

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