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Ending Opioids and Changing The Face Of Medicine

We can do it! It’s called microcurrent therapy (MCT). It heals wounds, solves pain completely (not a pain “killer”, a pain CURE), restores body energies, lowers inflammation, corrects many body deformities and pours you the perfect cocktail… Oh no, sorry. It doesn’t do that last one!

Never mind. Microcurrent therapy is poised to change the whole face of medicine. Where did I get that idea? Actually, from the front cover of SCIENTIFIC AMERICIAN journal (March 2015)! They call it “Bioelectric medicine” and broadcast that it could create an “off switch” for arthritis, diabetes and even cancer.

Pain, overweight and cancer. It’s everywhere! Just those three conditions alone covers over 50% of reasons for visits to the doctor (an estimate, not a stat).

If you missed my recent notice about a pain and wound healing webinar, featuring the world’s top MCT trainers, too bad. But you can watch the replay. It’s open to all. No charge. And it’s absolutely fascinating.

Just follow this link and start watching:


What’s The Alternative?

We already know what the alternative is: a lifetime of expensive opiate meds, with the very real chance of dying. Pain killers are now the 4th leading cause of death in the USA. I’m talking now about legally and correctly prescribed opiates, not drug abuse.

The irony is that pain killers solve nothing. Big Pharma doesn’t want patients to be cured. It wants them to go on having agonizing pain for the rest of their lives, because that sells LOTS of pills. Even better, if the patient gets addicted! It’s a river of money.


This is important knowledge you need to stay on top of. As I keep saying over the years: the commonest cause of death is ignorance. Not knowing the facts sets you up to lose, big time.

Watch now, the “Forward History of Medicine”!

Here’s the link again:

Enjoy the future.



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