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Is It My Eyes Or Has The World Become A Darker Place?

My eyesight has always been quite good. OK, I don’t have 20/20 anymore but I don’t have cataracts, macular degeneration or glaucoma, according to my ophthalmologist!

Yet I see darkly. You will not convince me that the world has not become more sinister, dangerous and evil. There really is no such thing as a COVID pandemic; the numbers are just not there, even to declare an epidemic spike! It’s a scam run by somebody, to perpetrate the most appalling crimes.

So how did the CDC and WHO respond to the emerging disconnects in the story? They changed the definitions! In a crafty move to support the vaccine narrative, the CDC quietly changed the long-standing definition of a vaccine, so it no longer says that vaccines produce immunity. Actually, it’s a 200-year definition: Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823) injected people with cow pox (cow = Latin: vacca), to render them immune from smallpox. Hence the term vaccination.

The World Health Organization changed the definition of a pandemic, so it no longer says there are “enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses,” only that there is a new virus without known human immunity. Well a lot of common colds fit that stupid definition!

It is so OBVIOUS that there is evil abroad, that I can’t help being flabbergasted how few people can see it. About 80% of the population have swallowed every lie, fake statistic, fake news broadcast and suppression of facts and differing views that has been happening.

They actually BELIEVE what the government is telling them and that the current vaccines are safe and effective (takes your breath away!) Yet, even if the COVID shots were to provide 100% protection, which they clearly don’t, VAERS data suggest they still kill two people for every life saved. 

Of course the “fact checkers” are all over this, to debunk it. But basically it takes up to 50,000 vaccinations to save one COVID life. But 50,000 shots will cause 2 deaths! (4 per 100,000).1 This is farcical.

OK, people are stupid. Some are ignorant; they are not doctors. But I have bewailed before that trained doctors and scientists, who should know better, have backed this narrative. What do they hope to gain? That they will be last to be taken out in the giant cull that’s coming? Or somehow spared the concentration camps? Dream on, idiots!

The fact is that something is going on. We don’t even know what, yet. But the key points are forcing everyone to submit to a deadly injection which is killing and paralyzing people (it does NOT do what it is supposed to do, which is protect people). That they are prevented from plying their trade. That people are more and more being restricted, herded, isolated and subject to force.

We are being dehumanized. In many territories, communication, love and connectivity are being denied, even criminalized (look at what’s happening in Australia).

Last Christmas, there was the absurd situation in the UK where, at Christmas time, you could see person A, B and C on Monday; person D, E and F on Tuesday; G,H,I and J on Wednesday, but if you saw A – J on Thursday, all at once, you were breaking the law! A law supposed to protect people from COVID-19 by preventing mixing.

You don’t have to be a trained doctor, or have over forty years clinical experience, like me, to realize THIS IS MADNESS!

So what are we to do? I love and admire those who want to march; to organize protests; those who are brave enough to be beaten, arrested, even shot at by police, to make their dissent known (Australian police are now shooting at crowds with what they call non-fatal ammunition. But deaths do occur with rubber bullets and excessive tazer use: it’s only a matter of time).

Australian protesters vs. police violence

The official violence is not confined to Australia, of course, which is a country set up with 19th century criminal “undesirables” that Britain didn’t want.* (be SURE to see my *footnote below!)

Presumably the current prime minister calling the shots has not shaken off his background! Haha! In the USA, the Biden administration has been advertising for volunteers to form up “hit squads” to go forcing people to be vaccinated (wording hastily changed, of course, but it was noticed!) They are now designated “surge response teams” (by the way, there is no surge! Cases are down 90%!!! Haha!)

You can Google plenty of others. Some people want lockdowns and isolation to be seen as “normal”, something-you-do, even for lockdowns to become normal.

Attack On Human-ness

OK, in a sense (only in a sense, understand) they can go for their fake machinations, greed-beyond-greed and corruption in high places. There are plenty of medicines out there that have no benefits, only cause damage and are marketed for all they are worth, with lies, fake science and even bullying doctors.

But this has become an assault on fundamental human values. Crazed politicians are being told: you must break up human connections, destroy our humanity and values, stunt families, kill off friendship and affinity.

Make them hate each other. Make the non-vaccinated out to be terrorists, without rights or dignity. Those who don’t kowtow to authority must be destroyed, because they are counter to the New World Order. It’s all very scary; something I never thought I would see in my life.

Something that makes fighting the Nazis seem a waste of time in the end.

And for that I must appeal to you all. Yes we can march, resist, protest, fight. But—as in Nazi Germany—if not enough people fight back, the oppressors will win. The REAL fight is to keep alive humanity, love, tenderness and kindness through the coming years (centuries?)

Above all we are human beings. A lot of this power grab is assisted by geeks from the world of Google, Facebook and the like. The trouble with geeks is they are sad fools who are no more than digital-slaves. They don’t see people as people; just stats, types, categories, images, “things”, “items”.

That’s their thinking. In other words, they are anti-social, almost by definition.

The Tools Of Oppression

Worst of all is the mask. There is no science—or rather there is ABUNDANT SCIENCE showing they are worthless. Yet the mask mandate is being perpetuated in virtually all countries, even for those who have been vaccinated. Why?

Because it dehumanizes people. With a mask, you cannot express your basic humanity. Mumbling through a mask, is no longer human communication. God help babies growing up today, who will never see the joy of human expression, friendship and wonder, as well as being unable to learn all those less-than-optimum emotions and what they mean.

It’s a kind of enforced Asperger’s syndrome.

A mask is also a badge of obedience. You can see at a thousand paces, who is being obedient to the New Order and who is a dangerous rebel (the ones to shoot first?) Again, wearing a mask is the way to introduce division and hatred.

Todd Hayden, a registered psychotherapist in Toronto, told a horrifying story a few days ago. A man he scarcely knew freaked out when Todd calmly suggested there were viable treatment options for those with COVID. “Stay out of my life!! I hope you get COVID and die!” shouted the man.

Two long-standing friends of his had the same wish: that Todd would die: One “friend” suggested that he prove Darwin’s theory** and perish from the virus, the other just basically said he (Todd) deserved what was coming as a selfish unvaccinated science-denier.


They were, as Todd remarked, COVID’s willing executioners. One can only think of the murderous frenzy whipped up by Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s, and the resulting hatred and willingness to kill those on the “outside” of perceived social order.

We must fight hatred. Please join me in a thrust to keep love and humanity alive…

To your good health,




Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

The Official Alternative Doctor

*I have many loving, gentle and intelligent friends in Australia. I’m not saying all Australians are dysfunctional. Only that their origins may help to explain why it has currently turned into the most vicious and oppressive country in the world.

**Fortunately, Darwin’s theory is bunk!




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