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IV glutathione for Parkinsons

Correspondent Al Marsan asked if I have anything on Parkinson’s. Yes I do.

I used to treat Parkinson’s with IV glutathione. I saw crippled cases get up out of their wheelchair, walk around for a few hours and then relapse into paralysis. It is startling to observe.

I got the idea from Dr. David Perlmutter, in Florida. You can check out his book “Brain Recovery.Com” and his website

It was a difficult treatment for me to maintain. The glutathione had to be flown over from the USA, kept chilled (not frozen) and was a problem at customs. The end-result cost was too much for most patients to bear and I wasn’t getting paid much either. But it was a fascinating time and has told me a lot about Parkinsonism.

We now know that it is highly associated with chemical poisoning, particularly pesticides. Parkinsonism is very prevalent in rural communities where farmers spray crops a great deal.

Couple that with the fact that glutathione is our #1 detox molecule and you’ll see there is the beginnings of a theory here. I just wish I had research money to pursue it. Big Pharma, with the dollars, isn’t going to spend money investigating a natural, unpatentable molecule.

Meantime, in this toxic overloaded world of ours, everyone needs scad loads of glutathione in circulation. One glutathione molecule is lost for every toxic molecule removed. So everyone PLEASE take a minimum of 100 mg of alpha-lipoic acid and 250 of N-acetyl cysteine as precursors to glutathione.

SAMe is another good source but expensive and I believe Americans can’t get it easily, even though it occurs naturally in our bodies! It’s used as a major anti-depressant in Europe and elsewhere, where Big Pharma hasn’t got a grip on everything. Take 200- 800 mg, depending on what you can afford. For depression, you can double those doses.

Swallowing glutethione just doesn’t work, as we found out in the 1980s. Liposomal administration of oral glutathione is being touted. I’m not convinced and wouldn’t rely on it.

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