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News From The Cutting Edge of Holistic Medicine

A bit of alternative medicine news for you this week, folks.

We just finished a POWERFUL 3-day workshop on micro-current therapy (MCT). It’s electroceuticals, which Scientific American magazine has described as “the medicine of the future” (well, I said it first, of course, about 18 years ago, in my book Virtual Medicine! Now republished as Medicine Beyond.

MCT is the use of tiny currents to produce BIG change in the body.

Here’s the class photo on the end of day 3. We ran the event at my Sanctuary home in Las Vegas! Vivien, bless her, was already in the UK, for her father’s funeral. She was much missed although, as one student kindly remarked, her gracious “presence” was felt all about the place.

That’s me with John and Lorraine Hache, middle of the front row.

Everyone pitched in. Volunteers stepped in to cut up the quiches, chop salads and roast the vegetables. Pretty well every morsel got eaten, so I think the food was a hit, even without Vivien’s skills!

We forgot to get attendees to sign a media release but I guess no-one will mind the back of their head showing!

About Supernoetics®

I engaged the audience with a few words about “Punk Psychology™”. Here’s a shortened video of the talk.

Click to Watch the Video

I also introduced my FLOURISH AND BEYOND program, which everyone so far is very delighted with. It’s a series of 14 videos (over 4 hours in all) expanding my 12 Channels Of Being into a mighty abundance vehicle.

By the time this newsletter is published, you should be able to gain access to the whole program (no charge), by going to

I think you’ll find it a brilliant change of thinking (what I call a “thought structure”). It’s an entirely new way of looking at happiness and it more or less defines rationality and reason (getting it mostly right is rationality). It truly is a tool to “flourish and beyond”.

Anti-Aging Micro-Current Cosmetology

Each time we do this workshop, one of the big hits is Lorraine teaching facelifts and cosmetology techniques. Using micro-current devices, makes it possible to tighten and lift facial muscles considerably, with huge benefits for the complexion.

We actually did a live webinar on this subject about a year ago. If it interests you, you should go and review that webinar. You could also consider getting the special cosmetology device, the Ezzi-Lift.

The New Electroceutical Age

Lots of our students are becoming proponents of the new Western energy medicine technology, which I always predicted would be uniquely different from the Chinese and Indian models. It will be based on electronic devices, not “winds” and meridians.

And MCT is so much further on than “Rife” machines (so-called).

Using some of the students for demonstration purposes, in this workshop we saw some really remarkable healing; sometime less than a half hour to clear something that was chronic, had been troubling the person for years, and conventional (even other holistic approaches) had been unable to resolve.

It may be time for you to join in! We plan now to run these workshops twice a year in Las Vegas and we’ll set one up in the spring back East. Look out for announcements.

Are you ready to solve the awesome mysteries of medicine & beyond?

I have produced what some hold to be the modern equivalent of Charles Darwin’s The Origin Of Species, a paradigm-busting book that changes everything that doctors have believed up to this point.

In its pages, you’ll discover a whole new reality that is far, far beyond the bounds of the orthodox view. While science is still desperately trying to prove the whole universe is a giant, impersonal machine—new and positive research makes it clear we as that Humankind are more like co-creators of reality than mere spectators.

The Cosmos is alive! Matter has sensations! We help to create the world we experience.

These changes are shaking the foundations of scientific convention and the old order is falling apart faster than you think… things are accepted and proven today that were scarcely believable a quarter of a century ago. Mainstream science has become junk science.

Medicine Beyond The Bounds Of Current Science

That’s why you need to join this amazing journey that is called Medicine Beyond!

From singing trees that make music via electronic detectors, to laser-transfer of DNA signals from one creature to another; light shone through healthy organs prevented test animals from being killed by a deliberate poison, to the human version of photosynthesis, which is faster and more efficient than plant chlorophyll; from biological effects caused by substances which have no real (physical) existence, to electrical machines that work even they are switched off!

Nothing is too weird for Medicine Beyond. Provided somebody, somewhere has published a believable paper, I would dissect it for credibility and value. If it works, it’s part of the new medical model.

Even crop circles are revisited plus a new and totally comprehensible explanation for so-called alien abductions, backed by solid science (clue: it’s not about flying saucers).

You’ll never read another book like this one. It’s a manual for revolution: a medical revolution.

Almost every page has some stunning and fascinating new insight into the nature of reality and how our minds and bodies really work, which—as I have tried to make clear—is not on the basis of molecules circulating around and thinking for themselves, which is all that “science” seems to think.

Click Here to Own Your Copy Today!

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