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Prof’s Arm is the Healing Lesson

A week ago I fell off my bicycle landed heavily and sustained considerable injury.  As I pushed my bicycle a mile or so homeward with my arm hanging down, I had plenty of time to reflect on what to do.

Having felt my body on the side that I landed very carefully, I could tell there was no major fracture, but that I had ripped off a small part of the elbow called the epicondyle.  It clicked and was severe agony when I pushed on this small flake of bone.

Unfortunately my wife Viv was in Los Angeles for the weekend, I was alone and decided I couldn’t be bothered to go to ER, since I knew what was wrong anyway.  Thinking of my readers, I made an executive decision to follow a natural healing process and document what happened.  Either you really do believe in Nature’s healing, or you don’t.

I do. Let me explain.

By the time I got home.  There was a hemi-spherical swelling over the right elbow, that must have been about the size of half a small orange and looked most alarming. It was an outpouring of several ounces of blood into the tissues. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it photographed at this stage.  What a pity, it looked most dramatic.  But next day I got a photo of the road rash on my lower leg, which you can see here.  You can see that, if I tell you it really hurt, I was not just being a sissy!

I was shaking like a leaf and would normally give Aconite for this acute shock stage, plus Arnica for the bruising and injury. But the doses should be high (1M or 2M). I had no way of making such high doses, with just one hand. So I took Traumeel instead and waited till the shaking lessened enough to be able to hold a cell phone and dial my wife to set off home.

Okay, so the question I always ask in most situations is, what can we learn?  I wanted to share this with you all.  The road rash was easy, and I simply had it covered with aloe juice (always ask the plant permission before tearing off its leaves for healing).  I did not feel that the open wound required dressing or a tetanus shot.  There was fresh clean blood, as you can see, and there’s no better dressing, no better antiseptic, and no better healing substance.

With the lymphocytes and macrophages brought to the site, there were plenty of good immune cells to clean up the dirt.  As soon as the serum layer has dried over, there is effectively a layer of dressing, which is airtight and organism resistant.

The real issue was the damaged elbow.  When my wife returned home, duly horrified, I explained to her that the rash that look so bad was insignificant.  The real problem lies where there is loss of function, in this case the elbow.  By the time she saw that it had swollen dramatically, and you can see from the tape measure photos the circumference of my arm was 14 inches on the right and about 11 1/2 inches on the opposite side.  That’s a huge amount of swelling.

In fact, my skin on that side was drum tight, and I explained to Viv that this was Nature’s plaster strapping equivalent.  The great swelling, plus limited elasticity of the skin, meant that my bones were held in a rigid tube, almost as good as plaster of Paris!  All I had to do was add a light support sling.

I had taken Traumeel, the wonderful homoeopathic remedy for acute pain, injury and inflammation.  Unfortunately Viv had taken our SCENAR with her over the weekend.  So as soon as she returned, I asked her to instigate SCENAR treatment.  She learned the technique called pain tapping from our friends the Haches in Vancouver.  I’ll tell you a bit more about that in the next blog, but suffice it to say that there was immediate pain relief, and I had a comfortable night’s sleep.

Next morning I awoke and considerable bruising had begun to appear for the first time (see the photograph of my arm from the rear).  Interestingly this bruising had not been visible at all in the first 36 hours.  On days three and four, the swelling continued to be severe, effectively immobilising my arm. Good thing because there was excruciating pain with any unnecessary movement.

Again, here, I explained some important healing principles to Viv.  Pain I always teach is the opposite of healing.  Whenever pain exerts its influence, it means there is continuing damage taking place.  That’s why nature wanted the arm immobilised and effectively did so with a huge swelling like a giant salami sausage, which made it difficult to do anything.  For example, I can only write by using the dictating programme Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I have installed, afterwards making small adjustments with the mouse, using my left hand.

With few exceptions pain becomes self repeating; if you move the part and it hurts, that creates a reactive spasm, which further pulls at the injured part is makes the pain worse; this makes the spasm worse, and so on in a vicious circle.  So if you have an injury anywhere or a painful body part, such as back pain, it’s vital to get yourself into a comfortable position, that is pain-free, and which will then release the spasm.

I’ve had people with severe intractable back pain, that no other therapy had been able to release, recovering 30 minutes or less, simply by lying on their back and applying this principle.

Anyway, by day five, the considerable bleeding into the tissues had begun to track to the surface and produced an enormous purple bruise.  As you can see from the last photograph.

I’m not trying to lay anything on you here and don’t want any sympathy.  I’m going through a rapid recovery process and will soon be okay.  But I did think that it might be worth sharing some basic principles and showing you I really do believe in natural healing.

Let me add this caution, however: I took an informed decision not to go to ER.  No one should do this who is not absolutely sure what they’re dealing with.  Injuries to bony joints and musculature can very easily go wrong, and result in permanent deformity, loss of function, and even paralysis. Acute injury is something the Medics are pretty good at and you should use them and listen to them. Don’t take chances.

But you can still take the Traumeel, comfrey (its country name is “knit bone”), other healing herbs and put the SCENAR to work.  I’ll tell you more about the powerful effects of SCENAR healing in the next blog.

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