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Simple tips for neck and low back pain

The concierge’s wife has back pain due to a prolapsed inter-vertebral disc (a “slipped” disc). Then, I woke up this morning with a stiff neck, due a poor sleeping posture (and a dose of dairy in the form of ice cream last night!)

It got me to thinking I should write a little bit about back pain: neck pain (cervical spondylosis) and low back pain constitute the most common musculoskeletal complaints in primary care clinics.

Few of us will go through life without at least one episode of severe incapacitating back pain, whether due to a fall, repetitive strain injury or excessive lifting. I have some great information you can share with family and friends, if any of them should suffer with this problem.

But it turned out to be too much. Even cut down drastically, it’s far too much for a blog. So I posted an entire web page at

Go read it here: Back pain! You can beat it!

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