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Swine Flu: WHO Has Dirty Fingers Too

Now, under intense public pressure and the public rejection of vaccines on safety grounds, the WHO has come out into the open about some of its dirty games.

Gone are the days when we can trust the WHO as an objective arbiter of events. They are crooks and dangerous liars, just like Big Pharma.

It’s emerged the WHO has been complicit in “mock up” experiments, releasing live virus into the population, via test vaccines. The idea is to deliberately create a pandemic, so they can then jump in with regulatory emergency controls, which override the normal safety process. Maybe they are the real villains in this story, not Baxter (which came close to releasing a dangerous live virus, through contaminated “vaccines” late last year).

The WHO website says “The public needs to be reassured that regulatory procedures in place for the licensing of pandemic vaccines, including procedures for expediting regulatory approval, are rigorous and do not compromise safety or quality controls.”

Then they go on to “reassure” us by admitting their complicity in what can only be described as a bureaucratic Nazi takeover of human rights. The world just got MUCH more dangerous and not because of flu—because of Totalitarian Authority (authority that takes power to itself to do absolutely what it chooses, without reference to the population’s wishes or needs).

The WHO is out of control, not working for science or the world population, but for the drug control industry. Now I understand why they stepped up this non-event into a category 6 (pandemic) when almost nothing was happening (and still hasn’t). This has been the mildest outbreak of flu in 200 years, yet they are claiming it is a threat.

Apparently, the WHO now admits, this anti-democratic conspiracy started in 2007. Their own website claims the “WHO worked together with health officials, regulatory authorities, and vaccine manufacturers to explore a broad range of issues surrounding the regulatory approval of pandemic vaccines.”

What that translated to is how to subvert and get round the safety net and worldwide laws and regulatory bodies in place to stop this abuse.

One way they have been encouraging violation of the safety rules is in the claim that the virus is not, in fact, “new”. That’s not what they said a few months ago. They said it was some terrifying new spectre that would threaten us all! They said it was a rogue virus unlike anything seen previously, remember?

But avoiding admitting it was “new” but just some variation on an old strain, that allows fast-tracking of the vaccine (does anyone else smell the stink of Big Pharma money here? Bribery? Corrupt WHO officials on handouts?)


“Influenza vaccines have been used for more than 60 years and have an established record of safety in all age groups. While some serious adverse events have been reported, these have been rare.”

Absolutely not true. In the 1976 US vaccine debacle MORE PEOPLE DIED OF THE VACCINE THAN DIED OF FLU.

I am appalled at such an amazing lie from the WHO. Henceforth they have no credibility among thinking doctors. Nada. Zilch.

They also issued this BIG WHOPPER:

“Some adverse events will be coincidental – that is, associated in time with vaccine administration, yet not directly caused by the vaccine. Genuine adverse events directly caused by the vaccine may also occur, but cannot be predicted in advance. Given the safety record of seasonal vaccines, such events are expected to be rare.”

This is just laying the ground for obfuscating cause and effect when it happens.
What they say cannot be predicted in advance is a total lie: WE CAN PREDICT WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY A VAST NUMBER OF PEOPLE MADE SICK AND KILLED BY THESE UNTESTED VACCINES (Guillaine-Barre Syndrome).

Heck, it happened in the past when they vaccines were required to be subjected to test. It’s going to be WORSE without proper safety controls in place. The numbers will be in direct proportion to the number of vaccine shots. That cannot apply to “coincidences”.

Read it for yourself: I couldn’t make this up!

WHO website:

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