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The Cancel Culture Kills Life

Life is about variation, enquiry, endeavor, curiosity, learning, ingenuity and delight. It swings around the truth… whatever that may be! Life without the truth is but a shadow of Being.

You know the saying: “There are lies, damned lies… and there are statistics.” You can manipulate figures to prove virtually anything you want… and that’s a solemn truth!

Big Pharma science manipulates facts and figures all the time. I have written often that most so-called pharmaceutical “science” is really just clever marketing. It’s not about truth. The same applies, of course, to other aspects of medical science: surgery, vaccinations, pediatrics and hormone therapy, to name just a few.

Now we are living in what has been christened the “post-truth” world. Post-truth was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2016.

But we now have a new playing field and, although nobody has defined it as such, the elements of play seem to be: truth, lies, consensus narrative and the cancel culture.

If you say something that doesn’t fit the mainstream—the so-called consensus narrative—you are marginalized to the point of extinction. You are “cancelled”. Science is no longer even the pretense of searching for facts and real truth, as it once was. Today science is about eliminating the competition. Silencing dissent!

Consensus narrative is a kind of “intellectual mob rule”. Indeed, there is a new phrase: “academic mobbing”, in which anyone in university or academia with an exceptional point of view is chased by the pack of consensual “truth” animals, like a pack of hyenas hunting down a gazelle.

The unbelievable intellectual climate has arisen that if you can get rid of those who oppose your theories, that’s considered just as valid as proving you are correct!

Take the case of the electric universe (EU) model. It has far more scientific observations in support of it than the old-style gravitational model of the universe and the so-called “Big Bang”. But the EU is banned, proscribed. The cruising hyenas of Wikipedia have taken it all down and openly boast of destroying the opposition.

You can’t now find a single reference to the electric universe on Wikipedia [as of today, 5 Jul 2022]; you will only be offered plasma cosmology, hedged around with bleating that it does not match the observations of astrophysical phenomena as well as current cosmological theory. But it is the Big Bang gravitational model that does not, in any degree, actually fit with astrophysical phenomena. They are still looking for “dark matter”, which does not exist, has never been found, and is total nonsense. But they need it to prop up their absurd model, so proponents of the “Big Bang” go on talking about it, as if it were real and some day will be discovered. Most people have bought into this delusion, not realizing it is a complete fabrication!

You will also be told that: “The Electric Universe refers to a related set of ideas that are also not supported by observations.” This is outrageous. The EU model is supported by dozens of accurate astronomical observations, whereas the gravity “Big Bang” model has failed to explain even a single real observation. In the last 60 years, all its predictions have been erroneous. There is not one single shred of truth in the current cosmological model.

But you will challenge it at your peril. You will be cancelled, because “it MUST be true.”

Elsewhere, I can point to theories of evolution. Charles Darwin’s model of natural selection and “survival of the fittest” is so ingrained in our culture that very few people even have the nerve to question it. But once again, the truth and honest observations PROVE that Darwinian evolution is wrong; totally wrong.

Fossil records do not show a gradual change from one form of creature to another, as Darwin’s model predicts. Fossils show long periods of absolute conformity to the norm; no change at all. Then suddenly, there is a new species, with new characteristics (so-called punctuated equilibrium).

The Cancel Culture Kills LifeGradual evolution (phyletic gradualism) is not supported by archeological evidence, which looks more like the sudden change schema on the right (punctuated equilibrium)

Despite its dramatic flaws, Darwinian evolution is held to be “correct” and those who challenge it are cancelled. Even Thomas Huxley, called “Darwin’s Bulldog” for his passionate defense of the theory, deplored the many faults with the natural selection model.

The Verb To Google

I blame the internet. Once upon a time the world-wide web seemed the most refreshing and liberating experience in the history of Man. Suddenly, we were all connected. Ideas could be exchanged and debated in minutes, or hours, instead of days, weeks, or even years.

Things began to move very fast. Learning became almost instant. Googling or “to Google” became a new verb.

But as time went by, I started to notice strange messages. People began asking peculiar questions, as if they were party to some secret knowledge. Often there were challenges, where somebody was directly contradicting something I knew to be unequivocally correct.

For example, there was a whole health movement which arose as a result of the ravings of Australian biologist (not a doctor) Trevor G. Marshall, who instructed cancer patients to avoid all contact with vitamin D; not to sunbathe, or eat oily fish, or take vitamin supplements containing vitamin D. The aim was to get their serum vitamin D levels (25-hydroxyvitamin D) to less than 12 mcg/L.

This is MADNESS! Vitamin D is one of the most important anti-cancer protectives we have. Vitamin D has a vital role in over 800 gene expression pathways. It is one of the most important nutritional substances in our bodies; and this guy wants to virtually eliminate it? [40 mcg/L is a minimum safe level and 60 mcg or more is better].

But you know what? People bought into this dangerous nonsense and began running around with blankets over their head, to avoid sunlight! Marshall has a following, even today, some of whom have pretensions to be healers. God help their luckless patients!

It is, sort of, cancel culture in reverse. Something we all know to be true and there is abundant real evidence, is cancelled by some idiot with his or her own agenda (usually self-aggrandizement).

Now added to that is this slick and sleazy domain of internet trolling and bullying. No longer the territory of equality and friendliness, the internet is now a harsh world of cyber thugs who seek to enhance their status by bringing down the greats and transforming “reality” into something they are comfortable to live with (meaning mediocrity).

The mob are currently baying for the blood of Winston Churchill—they want to tear down and deface statues in his memory—why? Because he openly made racist comments. The Woke culture want him cancelled.

It’s no secret Churchill didn’t like people from the Indian sub-continent. He especially did not like Mahatma Gandhi. But is that surprising? Churchill had to preside over the Indian nation being broken up and the beginnings of the end of the British Empire, which he adored. Churchill deplored the process and Gandhi’s “peaceful protests” ended up costing tens of MILLIONS of lives during the transition to independence.

What the new loonies want to destroy is the memory of a man who, more than any other, gave them the freedom to howl and whine as they wish. Had Churchill not got Britain safely through the War, the Woke and the LGBTs would have ended up as slaves, or soap, or lampshades, in a Nazi Hell.

They should salute the great man, for what they got from him—but then, mob rule was never anything but stupid and misguided.

Don’t go with the herd… please!

This piece is taken from one of my many “Scriptures In The Making”! Please join us in the parallel intellectual universe. It is not in the least bit religious, just spiritual and born-of-truth. You can try us out by signing up here for a series of weekly “new scriptures”!

You might just enjoy it! But you can unsubscribe any time you wish…

To your good health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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