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The Cruel History Of Women

As we all know, there is much nonsense talked and written today in the arena of gender politics. The LGBT movement (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) has now become such a powerful public obsession that it is being taught in some schools, notably in the USA. The whole boundary between what it means to be a man or a woman (hence boy or girl) is being deliberately blurred, for the purposes of those with their own agenda.

And it is NOT Nature’s agenda…

This essay is not to take sides in the debate but to argue for common sense and point out certain functional and biological necessities which are laid upon us by Nature. These can neither be side-stepped or over-ridden. To get into conflict with our biological selves is a major folly. We have enough to overcome in the search for our bliss, without taking on Mother Nature herself as an opponent.

The rainbow flag, symbolizing “gay pride”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a homophobe. In fact I had little to do with the gay community, till I married Vivien. As a fashion designer, she naturally worked with many gay artists and designers, and I made friends with her friends too (not so much contact with lesbians). Each to his own, or chacun a son gout, as they say here in France! Where I draw the line is teaching it (ie. imposing it) on young children who do not understand sexual preferences. And most especially when taught by those with a dark, unsavory agenda.

I am also aware of the row that has broken out internationally about men’s “rights” to pretend to be women and then compete in athletic events. Don’t the women athletes have rights too? Nah, say the transsexuals. Poor old J K Rowling got herself burned by daring to comment in support of (biological) women.

What is clear to me is that there is a certain irreducible minimum of biologically determined qualities for each gender. Male puissance (strength) and female nurturing are two obvious traits which are natural and in-born. The tide of hysteria, accusation and irrationality which is currently sweeping the social media gets these points mixed up with other hotly debated issues, such as political enfranchisement, career potential, equal property rights and so on. Thus husbands are supposed to have an identical chance of imbuing the kids with female values and women are supposed to don helmets and gloves and do what men do, at the expense of what they should do. It can’t work!

Look, it’s common sense: if we tried to train rabbits to swim and fish to hop along the ground we wouldn’t get nicely “balanced” animals. This is left-wing educational pseudo-science. We would get very frustrated salmon and bunnies that could no longer perform even their own tasks well, because they had lost certainty and definition. It’s political disaster to try such blurring of roles!

The blunt truth is that people are not equal. Attempts to make them so are doomed to failure. It is one thing to guarantee inalienable rights and equality under the law and in reference to property matters. But skills, experience, genetic traits, schooling and a host of other factors make people uniquely different. Let’s celebrate this.

Bear in mind that the media and advertising industry deliberately sets out to create envy and discontent with people’s roles, in order to sell their produce. They push the fake message that we can be as good as the guy next door, if only we had this product. It is viciously dishonest because it sows in people’s minds the idea that they are somehow not yet the equal of a neighbor or that their own role is unworthy compared to that of others.

So it is with gender issues too, that television advertizers twist values and standards for their own ends, making millions unhappy as a part of the process. A few years ago, when I first wrote on this theme, I noticed a new ‘cute’ strain of woman being portrayed who has the best car, and she is a nasty bitch towards any man who dares to think that people values are as important as material possessions. He is left speechless and sad as she flounces off, drops the house keys down the drain, and drives away in what is evidently the only thing that matters for human happiness.

This cynicism is now deeply ingrained in our society and it is getting worse. We are being brain-washed by endless subliminal messages that counter the natural self-asserting joy and energy of love.

The History Of Women

Of course the gender debate is fuelled by the appalling history of oppression of womenfolk. Nobody can deny this has taken place. But here again there is so much nonsense and pseudo-learning, that it is increasingly difficult to see the truth of issues. For example there is a group (which is now recruiting some men) which honestly believes that women once had all the power in ages past. Then this power was wrested from them and since then they have been put down, presumably due to male fear. There are two flaws with this idea:

  • There is no historic evidence of any kind that women had unusual or lasting secular powers, no matter how far back you delve.
  • If they ever did, how could men have taken the ascendency? It doesn’t make sense. At the very least one would have to argue that women gave up their power deliberately.

This supposition is actually a corruption of another much more important, enlightened and useful truth, which is that women had (and have always had, even to this day) exceptional intuitive and spiritual powers that make them natural religious leaders. Women have been the natural access to godhead.

Indeed, the Hindus and certain other beliefs take this to the full and, for them, worship is to commune with God via sex with a woman. Sex is a holy thing, not merely in words but in experience. There is a long tradition of elegant young females as temple “priestesses”, set in their roles for precisely this purpose (and not as crass Western historians have it, prostitutes… please!)

Rather explicit religious carvings from the Hindu temple at Khajuraho

Now there is a concrete argument for saying that current established religions fear women. Churches, temples and creeds are excrescences on society which are so inept and unnatural they can only survive by parasitism. They give no real values but steal earned wealth and disenfranchise the people, notwithstanding the occasional escape story, such as the Reformation or the 1960s (and the Pill).

Ignorance and oppression is their tool because a free and enlightened people would simply walk away from such perverted and self-serving “truths”. No wonder they fight against natural values of love, intuition and personal evangelism. Women were hated with vile contempt which amounted to fanaticism by the Jewish faith (ironic, since the modern Jewish Momma is powerful in the actual home). This fury and hatred was passed on in turn to subsequent Christianity and again, later, to Islam, which is about the last statement in oppression of women.

Until recent centuries, and still in many parts of the world, killing a woman is held to be no great offence and it is considered justified if she is particularly disloyal or commits adultery. The Church sanctioned this view for all of the first millennium and well into the second, especially for the upper classes.

There has always been a sadistic sexual element in this ritual destruction of women; Inquisitors, priests and other tormentors were evidently turned on by torture and cruelty. But one can also be certain that some men at least, were terrified of women or hated them.

The burning of supposed “witches” (a word derived from natural herb and healing skills) has been a common theme around the world for many centuries. The last woman to be burned was killed as recently as 1895 (Bridget Cleary in Ireland) and the last woman found guilty of being a witch and jailed was Helen Duncan in 1944 (it seems the authorities were paranoid she might reveal the big D-Day secret in one of her séances, so they did at least believe she was getting information from somewhere!)

Incredible as it seems, it was not until 1951 that The Witchcraft Acts in Britain were finally repealed.

Finally, for myself, I must just remark that I adore the marvelous, strong women of history. They seem to give the lie to the idea that women are horribly suppressed. Women like Hildegard of Bingen, who was such a big shot in her day that Popes, princes and kings went to her for advice. Queen Elizabeth the First is one of my heroines. Catherine the Great, Queen Hatshepsut, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Marie Curie also come to mind.

Power to the ladies!

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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