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The Forgotten The Loved and The Despairing

One of the saddest parts of this whole “health crisis” hoax is the people who were marginalized by it. People not necessarily sick, but who suffered greatly because of lockdowns, isolation and lack of medical care facilities.

Stress is still stress, whether it’s due to PTSD, fear of cancer, separation from your Mum, bullying… ANYTHING IS STRESS IF IT’S FELT AS STRESS.

It would be wicked indeed to say to somebody “You’re suffering is trivial compared to others. Pull yourself together.” If the individual is hurting, they are not in a good place.

So, what am I really trying to say?

These last few days Vivien and I have been watching episodes of a British detective series called “Shetland”. It’s very gritty but I like it because, for a time back in 1969, I was the local doctor in the Shetland town of Scalloway! (yes, I got around a bit, didn’t I?)

It was high summer, July, the time they call the “simmer dim” (summer twilight), the time of the year when the sun barely sets and you can sit on the lawn and read a book after midnight! My kids were with me and they had the time of their lives. They ran all over the island, unaccompanied. Every child was safe; there were no perverts or pedophiles back then! And any adult, seeing anybody else’s child, would act responsibly and see they were safe and playing happily… or walk them home!

The simmer dim; a time of pure magic

So, back to the drama. It concerned an ex-soldier from Iraq, who suffered with PTSD. Long story short: he accidentally shot his own son, supposedly trying to defend himself, when terrified by bangs and flashes. He went crazy with fear. The question hanging was whether such a poor man should ever be asked to face charges?

I hope not but I haven’t seen the final 2 episodes yet! But how can it be right, to send a man to a death arena, to witness things no-one should ever see, and then expect him to be made culpable when he was overwhelmed with terror?

See, PTSD is just the extreme end of the stress spectrum. Overwhelming fear, despair, hopelessness, dread, it’s all the same; just a matter of degree.

And suddenly we are all subjected, deliberately, to a kind of PTSD. Sick people are not being treated. The health service has almost folded. Our loved ones die alone, locked away in fear and isolation.

One of Vivien’s oldest friends had an aging father in his 90s, living in a care home. When COVID struck, everyone was forbidden contact with their loved ones and the old man died suddenly, all alone. The daughter was not even allowed to see his corpse. Even WORSE, there were no funerals allowed at the time (all this was for 2 weeks only, while we get the virus under control, remember!)

In my wife’s case we thankfully got her Mum home in time. At 89 she was allowed to die in peace in her own bed (well, dying of cancer is hardly peaceful but I think you know what I mean). The Macmillan Nurses, who should have been in attendance, wouldn’t visit. Sue Ryder nurses watched over her, but only by phone and internet.

It was a most horrific “Go to Hell” moment, which makes me utterly ashamed of doctors and nurses.

But it wasn’t just the medical staff. The “suits” (the accountants) came up with this sly plan to PRETEND to be overwhelmed, to make the “pandemic” seem more terrifying than it really was. Regular hospital wards were closed, “so as not to be overwhelmed by COVID cases.”

But far from being overwhelmed, wards were EMPTY! One woman in London wandered through a hospital, filming empty wards and unused beds, and she unwisely posted on social media. She was arrested, of course, presumably for spreading “fake news”. But hey, the camera doesn’t lie, does it?

The image is an illustration only, it is not claimed to be an empty hospital

The staff were all furloughed, so OBVIOUSLY they were set up to be “overwhelmed” and unable to cope. There were no damned staff!!

And that’s the sad debacle I’m talking about.

Who will tend the “forgotten”? Those others who died in this scam event? The figures are pretty grim, running into the millions around the world, of people who died BECAUSE of COVID, but not OF COVID: there were cancer cases, heart disease, diabetes and countless other killer conditions that were simply ignored. People just died. Vast numbers committed suicide.

Oh yes, and the administrators dived in and took advantage of the situation and claimed these were all “COVID deaths”. They got paid to lie; so why not lie BIG?


How can you leave people unattended, when they depended on you?

Richard Sullivan, a professor of cancer and global health at King’s College London and director of its Institute of Cancer Policy, had this to say:

The cessation and delay of cancer care will cause considerable avoidable suffering. Cancer screening services have stopped, which means we will miss our chance to catch many cancers when they are treatable and curable, such as cervical, bowel and breast. When we do restart normal service delivery after the lockdown is lifted, the backlog of cases will be a huge challenge to the healthcare system.

According to the Daily Mail on October 6: Vital operations were canceled and patients missed out on potentially life-saving therapy in the spring because tackling Covid-19 became the sole focus of the health service, instead of cancer and other cruel diseases. Almost 2.5 million people missed out on cancer screening, referrals or treatment at the height of lockdown, even though the NHS was never overwhelmed—despite fears it would be crippled by the pandemic. [my emphasis]

Experts now fear the number of people dying as a result of delays triggered by the treatment of coronavirus patients could even end up being responsible for as many deaths as the pandemic itself.

But what about the suicides? You’ve heard of them. We have a new medical term: “deaths of despair”.

The Well Being Trust in Oakland, California, released a study that sought to determine how many “deaths of despair” (from drug or alcohol abuse or suicide) will occur as a result of the pandemic, including the lockdowns. Their estimate, according to CBS News: about 75,000.

But nobody writes much about this collateral damage to the big power heist that’s going on. The monsters running the show DON’T CARE.

We are talking sad and broken people who are OVERWHELMED by what’s going on, not understanding, not knowing what to do, losing all sense of meaning in their lives. Suicide is just a short step from there.

Please… don’t let it be among your loved ones. Hug and love to the max. SCREW social distancing! Follow the science… meaning that masks, lockdowns and isolation do no good whatever!

Nurture your immune system instead.

To your good health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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