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The Immune Elite. Why Do Some People Not Get Covid?

I never got it, to my knowledge. And that annoys me, because I want antibodies! Not because I’m scared of COVID but because it will get me out of that law demanding I get vaccinated (which I never will). Dear Vivien got a nasty snap of it just before she came to join me in France. Lucky girl! She now has tons of antibodies.

But to me it’s UNBELIEVABLE that “experts” and “researchers” are asking the question WHY DO SOME PEOPLE NOT GET COVID? Seriously, they are actually asking this tricky question and even trying to answer it! Haha!

The answer is in the first 10 pages of any medical textbook. It’s one of the first things we learn at med school. Even Scouts (yes, I know, they’re gone), Girl Scouts and First Aiders know it. There isn’t any question—Just the answer: the i-m-m-u-n-e s-y-s-t-e-m!

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Even you knew it; of course you did. But now the experts are asking this dire question, of critical importance to all of humanity. The ignorance and stupidity is frightening. But it’s really part of a bigger shift of knowledge, away from Nature and into the hands of Big Pharma, medical “experts” and pseudo-scientists.

They have set themselves up as some superior force that supposedly knows more than Mother Nature. She is some crazy, interfering busybody, who keeps making people sick, while “we” are trying set things straight. We are the heroes, the saviors, while Nature is the crazy dame that creates disease.

You can tell by the way that I’m writing this that I consider the whole approach laughable and unscientific. Yes, disease occurs naturally—except that it doesn’t! It only occurs when something has gone out of balance. The germ theory of disease does no favors for us. Yes, it’s true that you need the rabies virus to get rabies, or the leprosy bacterium to get leprosy. But that’s a very long way from saying such diseases are caused ONLY by the microbes.

The truth about disease is what I call the cascade effect: that, then that, then THAT, and then that… Like water tumbling down a hill. You need each of the chaos elements in place for the whole thing to kick in. So, for example, tired and stressed, a serious quarrel, it’s been a week of bad food (eating on the go) and you forgot to take your supplements with you and, FINALLY, you get shut in a lift with someone coughing. Miss out a step and the resulting effect misfires; or the disease is so trivial as to barely be noticed.

The truth is an individual will only get sick under duress from certain easy-to-define causes, of which stress and lifestyle are the main components. Genes not so much. In fact hardly at all, because the so-called expression of our genes can be modified, by… factors of lifestyle and stress! It’s going round in circles, as you see.

There’s another cryptic, almost mystical, element too, which is why doctors and healers very rarely get caught by the diseases they treat. It’s a factor of superiority, feeling in control, outright arrogance even, but it works and protects us. We look down from on high.

That’s not to say doctors never get sick or that their lifestyles are irrelevant, but I have been exposed to infectious diseases that should have taken me down. But they didn’t. I can’t understand doctors who are frightened of treating certain patients. Back in the 1980s, the British General Medical Council (GMC) ordered that doctors who refused to treat AIDS patients were guilty of serious professional misconduct and would be “struck off” (lose their licenses). I was, frankly, stunned to learn that there even were doctors with this attitude. It’s hardly a response to the highest calling, is it?

The thing is, they were not going to be much use as healers unless they believed themselves powerful and aloof to danger. I really believe that. In fact I subscribe to a beautiful medical canon that has been going around since at least the 15th century, that a doctor/surgeon/midwife should have “the eye of an eagle, the heart of a lion, and the hand of a woman.”

Anyway, enough ruminating. What were these French chappies up to?

An international study led by a French professor explored why some people escaped COVID infection (or had only very mild symptoms), even early on in the pandemic or when working in high-risk spaces. Their report considered a variety of factors from genetic mutations to blood type to lifestyle choices.

Professor Laurent Abel, co-director of the laboratory of human genetics of infectious diseases at the Necker Hospital in Paris, was one of the leaders of the study, alongside Jean-Laurent Casanova, at the Rockefeller University in New York.

Professor Jean-Daniel Lelièvre, head of the clinical immunology and infectious diseases department at Henri-Mondor Hospital in Créteil (AP-HP), explained: “It’s not black and white, it is more like 50 shades of grey.” I presume that’s a jaunty reference to the salacious book that’s been popular.

Professor Jean-Daniel Lelièvre. Quite a handsome dog, isn’t he?

Lelièvre believes that several “genetic variants” are likely involved in the susceptibility to the virus.

Indeed, the researchers seem to have become obsessed with genetic factors, above all else. “What we are studying are mutations that reduce the risk of infection by at least a factor of ten.”

All well and good. But what switches genetic factors on and off, like a switch? Lifestyle choices—especially nutritional factors.

Blood grouping was barely interesting. An earlier meta-analysis of 46 studies on the subject across almost 50,000 people found that, for example, the O blood type may “offer a very modest protective effect” of around 10%.

In France, 42% of people are group O, 44% group A, 10% group B and 4% group AB. [Chile has 85% type O and Ecuador 75% type O; Bangladesh has 16.85% type AB and North Korea has 11.33% AB so you see there is quite a lot of variation. I’m ignoring the rhesus factor]

Those individuals who proved highly resistant to the SARS-CoV-2 virus were dubbed the “immune elite” and had T cells (fighter cells) from exposure to other similar viruses, such as those that can cause colds.

It’s important not to forget that COVID is just a variant of the common cold and that immunity lasts only a few months. Yet, this protective effect was seen as encouraging, given the frequency of seasonal colds.

I think Iceland has probably gone to the best strategy, which is GO OUT AND GET INFECTED. Heck, I keep trying. But it hasn’t happened to me yet!

Or if it did, I didn’t notice. Haha!

To your good health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor




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