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The New Dark Age and Perverted Science

Yet further darkening of the landscape. The Tech Giants, in collusion with Big Pharma, are turning out the lights, one by one.


Sir Winston Churchill, in one of his famous arousing speeches, had this to say about driving out the Nazis and their mischief:

…if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.

If you Google this, a lot of idiots have had trouble grasping what he meant. “How could science be perverted?” Was one I saw several times. How can it be dark if the “lights” are bright was another silly comment.

Look folks, he’s saying The Nazis will sink the world into a new Dark Age… darkness, no light, get it? The darkness will seem worse because of the razzle-dazzle of fake science. It won’t illuminate the darkness; it will make it seem darker still. Get it?

Churchill won the Nobel Prize in 1953, not the Peace Prize but for Literature… “for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values”

That’s EXACTLY what’s happening in the world today, as science has turned its back on truth and is going for money, control, domineering… power, prestige and profits. That’s NOT a human freedom agenda.

The truth is, as I have said many times, is that Nazism achieved its world domination plans eventually, via Big Pharma. I G Farben, Hitler’s favorite corporation founded Bayer (Aspirin, etc.), Hoechst, Agfa and Sanofi. I G Farben, built on slave labor from concentration camps, didn’t just vanish after the war. No siree, it was “re-launched” in 1951! (official double-talk)

Now, here’s what YouTube has just announced, about its deliberate intention to sink us into a new Dark Age, where discovery, truth and freedom have NO part. Their attack is disguised as “proper” medical science. But it’s not. It’s a throttle-hold on all progress.


YouTube position would have meant no anesthetics, no antiseptic surgery, women dying like flies in childbirth, no antibiotics, no nutrition… because those is charge of “proper science” denied it was possible to do such things. Consensus refuses to believe in progress; it opposes progress; it attacks and destroys those who are bringing progress.

Those with power and prestige positions won’t give up their status, just for mere progress. Ha!

So with all that in mind, read the following, which is the meat and potatoes of the YouTube announcement! 


As medical information – and misinformation – continuously evolves, YouTube needs a policy framework that holds up in the long term, and preserves the important balance of removing egregiously harmful content while ensuring space for debate and discussion. While specific medical guidance can change over time as we learn more, our goal is to ensure that when it comes to areas of well-studied scientific consensus, YouTube is not a platform for distributing information that could harm people.

[remember the official view is that not taking your chemo or statins will “harm” you KS-M]

Moving forward, YouTube will streamline dozens of our existing medical misinformation guidelines to fall under three categories – Prevention, Treatment, and Denial. These policies will apply to specific health conditions, treatments, and substances where content contradicts local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).

To determine if a condition, treatment or substance is in scope of our medical misinformation policies, we’ll evaluate whether it’s associated with a high public health risk, publicly available guidance from health authorities around the world, and whether it’s generally prone to misinformation.

Here’s what the framework will look like:

Prevention misinformation: We will remove content that contradicts health authority guidance on the prevention and transmission of specific health conditions, and on the safety and efficacy of approved vaccines. For example, this encompasses content that promotes a harmful substance for disease prevention (unless it is patented and being sold by Big Pharma… KS-M)

Treatment misinformation: We will remove content that contradicts health authority guidance on treatments for specific health conditions, including promoting specific harmful substances or practices. Examples include content that encourages unproven remedies in place of seeking medical attention for specific conditions, like promoting caesium chloride as a treatment for cancer.

Denial misinformation: We will remove content that disputes the existence of specific health conditions. This covers content that denies people have died from COVID-19.

Our goal is to make the rules of the road clearer and have a more transparent framework in place for evaluating whether certain diseases or conditions would be included in the future… 

(meaning you can’t point out the number of cases who were killed by medical incompetence). So that just about gets all the evil under wraps and out of sight…

In other words, it’s all going to be subsumed to the American model, WHICH IS ONE OF THE WORST MEDICAL MODELS IN THE WORLD. The USA is 47th on the list of healthy nations, behind countries such Slovenia, Lithuania, Greece, Colombia, Costa Rica and, Chile. Yet you are going to be forced into medical care that is WORSE than theirs!

Removing Cancer Treatment Misinformation

When cancer patients and their loved ones are faced with a diagnosis, they often turn to online spaces to research symptoms, learn about treatment journeys, and find community. Our mission is to make sure that when they turn to YouTube, they can easily find high-quality content from credible health sources.

[oncologists, credible? KS-M]

In applying our updated approach, cancer treatment misinformation fits the framework – the public health risk is high as cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, there is stable consensus about safe cancer treatments from local and global health authorities, and it’s a topic that’s prone to misinformation.

Starting today and ramping up in the coming weeks, we will begin removing content that promotes cancer treatments proven to be harmful or ineffective, or content that discourages viewers from seeking professional medical treatment. This includes content that promotes unproven treatments in place of approved care or as a guaranteed cure, and treatments that have been specifically deemed harmful by health authorities. 

Note that all this heavy control is being put in place by snotty little half-formed hominids called geeks. Most of them can’t wipe their own ass properly, never mind protect the truth and the guardians of progress from harm. They think that because they can write code, which the world uses a lot, that therefore puts them in charge of civilization, with the right to decide who lives and who dies!

Yes, angry.

To Your Good Health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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