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The One Question Doctors Never Think To Ask…

A few days ago a former sweetheart (between wives!) told me her brother had a kidney infection. She was puzzled because he was usually formidably healthy and had never had anything like it before. It seemed just “out of the blue.”

So I asked the one question that doctors NEVER ask (not even most holistic doctors) and that is:

Did he have dental work just a few days before his kidney infection started?

This is something absolutely vital to establish. The mouth is the source of some hideous germs and, in fact, oral sex is far more hygienic than kissing someone! You would worry more about your private parts becoming infected, than the mouth picking up something nasty (let’s not be bashful here).

Remember the words of the Bobby Gentry song: What do you get when you kiss a guy? You get enough germs to catch pneumonia…medically speaking, she’s bang on! Dentist Giving the Bad News

But it’s worse. If you were to take the open infectious sores around gums and teeth in the average mouth and run them all together, you would have an area of pus equivalent to an open wound covering the back of your hand.

The trouble is, it doesn’t stay put. Whenever you chew food, it releases showers of bacteria into the blood. The harder you chew, the more bacteria are released. It causes a condition called bacteremia, meaning bacteria floating around free in the blood.

[Just thought of something; thinking out loud here…That might be a factor in why red meat can cause some health problems, without it being a saturated fat issue…we chew hardest on meat…I’ll get back to you on this, after a little research!]

The point about asking if the brother had dental work is that this intervention is the most hidden and pernicious source of bacterial contamination to the rest of the body.

It’s been a saying of mine for decades that dentists don’t know how many people they kill.

There’s no feedback; how could they? And doctors don’t realize they are looking at a dental work complication, because they don’t ask the vital question I just shared. So nobody is joining the dots and getting the full picture.

Till now.

The bacteremia following any kind of dental work, even just wiggling an abscessed tooth, can release showers of organisms into the peripheral blood. From there it circulates and can set up infections in the kidneys, adrenals, brain, lungs, bones and any other tissue.

Most notoriously, it can settle on damaged heart valves, a condition called sub-acute bacterial endocarditis (SABE). Clumps of bacteria form and cling to the valves, downstream of the blood flow (see image below).


That’s bad enough; but chunks of bacteria can break off and go to the brain, causing a brain abscess (deadly) or even a stroke, due to blocking a vital blood vessel.

Dentistry can be very bad news!

The answer, in this case, was: yes, he had been to the dentist for work just a few days before the kidney infection started up. Case closed!

What Should You Do?

Unless you have already had all your teeth out, listen up. You need to be aware of this problem. I know plenty of people who had teeth or gum problems, got a septicemia (dangerous form of bacteremia) and died as a result. Antibiotics couldn’t save them.

Never go to a dentist for any reason, even just investigation, who doesn’t acknowledge this risk, talk about it and take action. Some dufus dentist can get you killed, as I have explained (actually, more likely to be younger dentists, since the older ones were shown lab specimens of this risk and know the dangers).

Always take huge doses of vitamin C (10 – 20 grams) if you can. That’s a lot orally but using Thomas Levy’s Lipospheric C formation, it’s only a couple of sachets (LivOn Labs). Always do this just as you go in for your appointment. In the restroom at the dentist’s is even better.

If you are up for major oral work and need an anesthetist, that could be an advantage: you can ask him or her to put up an IV line and run in vitamin C. 20 grams would be about right.

You might consider taking an antibiotic at the same time, as a blanket cover. Yes, there are potential gut flora complications but there are also significant risks, as I have told you.

Anyone with known heart valve problems, pre-existing kidney infections, hydrocephalus, known bad tooth abscess, suppurative sinus conditions or immune compromise should insist on antibiotics, as a matter of course.

Clean up the mess afterwards, with good probiotics and pre-biotics.

You can also consult my major reference work, How To Survive In A World Without Antibiotics, for suggestions for alternatives to antibiotics. I wouldn’t hesitate to set up a peroxide, ozone or UVB appointment for right afterwards.

And take coconut oil (great antimicrobial), manuka honey, drink calendula tea, and take Artemisia annua. Best of all: Quinton marine plasma. It’s all in the book!

Why Reliance on Antibiotics Isn’t the Answer

The comfortable world as we have known it for the last 60 years is coming rapidly to an end. Bacteria are deadly and the short period of time where we were able to control them is vanishing fast. Even as you read this, a new strain could be emerging somewhere, just a handful of resistant germs.

False reliance on drugs and pharma medicine has proven to be a weak strategy: the game is LOST!

It’s important to strengthen your immune defenses. But you also need to go on a short education course of learning what your antibiotic-alternative options are. You’ll be amazed just how many humble home remedies and plant-based solutions have been studied scientifically and demonstrated to work effectively.

To make it easy for you, click here now to find out more about my comprehensive report of all the suitable alternatives, with scientific studies to support them.


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