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The Ultimate Dirty Vaccine Secret

Jenny Thompson, of Agora Publishing, has called my attention to something about vaccine manufacturing that I certainly did not know. Nobody with any sense would believe that vaccine manufacturers have the slightest scruple what they do to kids. But this is bizarre, to say the least: human fetal tissue cells (from aborted babies) are used to grow and harvest organisms for making vaccines (like the chicken pox vaccine).

This goes beyond scientific hazards and statistical justifications. It’s an affront to Mankind and something no right-thinking religious person would want to countenance.

Helen Ratajczak, a former senior scientist for a drug company, recently published a review of autism research that spans the full history of the disorder, from 1943 (when autism was first identified) to present. In that review, Ratajczak points out that there has been a surge in autism from 1995, when human fetal tissue was introduced into the manufacturing process.

But use of human fetal cells goes back far beyond that. In fact, the National Network for Immunization Information reports that two different strains of human cell cultures made from fetuses have been used extensively in vaccine production for DECADES.

One strain came from lung cells taken from a female fetus of 3-months gestation, and the other was taken from a male fetus at 14-weeks. In addition, the virus used to make the rubella vaccine was isolated from a third fetus.

The Network further reports that the fetuses were intentionally aborted, but were not aborted for the purpose of harvesting the cells. The resulting cell cultures “have been used to prepare hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines, preventing millions of cases of rubella, hepatitis A, varicella and rabies.”

So my personal issue isn’t even the moral outrage, it’s this: could the use of human fetal cells in some way have led to the autism process? It’s not crazy. Think of BSE (Mad Cow Disease). Prions were transferred among animals being fed cannibalistic offal from their own species.

Jacob-Creautzfeld disease (CJD) is a human disease that is similar to kuru, a disease which is also spread among human cannibals.

Are we turning our kids into “technical” cannibals and infecting them with dangerous prions, which then lead to autism? I have been writing for over a decade that autism has all the hallmarks of infective disease process and NOT a toxic overload at all. Was I right?

This is a sensitive issue and the facts should have been made public long ago. The matter cannot be explored and debated, if manufacturers are allowed to keep their sleazy methods a trade secret.

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