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Using Your Brain Hard Boosts Its Physical Size and Function

There is no doubt whatsoever in today’s science results that we can BUILD our brains. That’s why children grow up: we make them learn, expand and use their brains.

24 college students or recent graduates studying for law exams (pretty tough) were monitored with brain images, similar to MRI scans, to measure changes in brain volume and function. The study leader was Allyson Mackey, a graduate student in UC Berkeley’s Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute.

When used, brains grow. Pathways are strengthened. When used hard, they grow even more.

And IQ can be increased. This applies in adults, as well as developing children.

The old idea you are smart or not smart is fast becoming medieval, with burgeoning evidence to the contrary.

But there is a paradox here…

People with little or no brains, can still think and function normally. For example hydrocephalus cases, with as little as 10% residual brain tissue or even less, still think as usual; you couldn’t tell the difference. So far as I know, no-one has tried the brain plasticity enhancement technique with hydrocephalics… That would be interesting!

The study was published recently in the journal Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, August 22nd, 2012, and UC Berkeley issued a news release.

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