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Veganism and Vegetarianism Are Not That Spiritual

The acolytes are being led by the nose, like cattle! Remember the movie Lion King? The boss lion Moufasa explains the Circle of Life to his son, Simba… Lion King was only a movie but in essence, it is correct: we are born, we live, we die and we return to elementary biological materials, which are then re-cycled as new life forms

According the Collins Dictionary: It’s Nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth. It symbolizes the universe being sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy, meaning if something dies it gives new life to another. 

The point is, the whole interconnectivity of life is Nature’s idea (or God’s, if you think that way). Bucking against it is rather stupid and definitely NOT spiritually aligned. There is nothing wrong with eating other living life forms, if we live worthwhile, productive, loving and intelligent lives.

The pig that feeds us would not be offended if we do right by him. But if our lives are blighted by hatred, violence, corruption and evil, then we are not entitled to that support from other life forms. Piggy would rightly be very pissed off!

And I yawn at the very silly idea that it’s OK to eat plants, on the same principle, but not animals. That’s just misinformed ignorance! Plants feel something at the moment of death! My friend the late Cleve Backster showed the world that important truth: plants react on a psychogalvanometer (like a lie detector) and can even identify anyone who hurts them. They can even detect when brine shrimp are dropped into boiling water (killed) in another part of the building. 

 This is me and Cleve, standing with the VERY PLANT (Dracaena) that has learned to think!

What’s the difference between a plant scream and an animal scream? Nothing whatsoever and these ditzy vegan fairies need to grasp that. Plants don’t like being cut up and eaten, any more than animals do. Sheeesh, what an insult to plants… to suppose they are unimportant, unconscious blobs!

Actually, what is vital is that we start to lead better, more spiritual, mindful and compassionate lives, NOT that we disconnect from the Circle of Life. 

I was a vegetarian for several years, in my twenties. But when I learned the reaction of plants on being cut, bruised or killed, I gave up!

We are here on planet earth and what has evolved is a way of life in which we are all interconnected. The dozy “fluffy pink animals” squad need to get a grip and respect life and Nature, not try to turn away from it. Rebelling against the Circle of Life is far from spiritual!

Natives and Indians have a way of creating respect before the hunt for the animals they kill. They cannot afford the weird artificial luxury of 21st century lifestyle, where you could (for a time anyway) live on plastic meat and synthetic food products. They MUST eat properly. But that does not imply that they don’t value and respect the value of animals they eat. Far from it!

What The Loonies Want For Us

You and me, that is. They want us to eat disconnected plastic garbage as “food”. Why? Because they are morons and insist, as left-wing cultists do, that EVERYBODY think like they do, no matter how ridiculous.

According to Jan Wellmann, film producer, our dinner table will be void of high-density, natural, animal-sourced foods within a decade or two (meaning if the politically-motivated crackpots get their way). 

We need to fight this. The science is absolutely clear: vegetarianism is not so healthy, veganism is suicide; it does not sustain. Yes, people feel healthy for a while but eventually the body cries out with symptoms… Help!¹

You are what you eat, is a well-known epithet.

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are,” wrote the French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in his daring 1825 book Physiology of Taste.

Super-philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche tried vegetarianism but concluded that moderation and balance in everything were for the best, just like Brillat-Savarin, who also emphasized enjoyment and quality of food. 

Another century later, Wellman points out it’s time again to remember that yes, indeed, “we are what we eat,” as the social engineers aim to eliminate high-density, animal-sourced nutrition – such as meat, dairy, and eggs – and replace it with plant-synthesized foods. 

But “plants,” doesn’t mean the living, growing things from nature; Oh no siree. It means laboratory-sourced and factory-made variants on Mother Nature’s offerings.

It’s all become absurd and science is the loser. Large swathes of the population have already been brainwashed to believe that the next meatless upgrade of the SAD (Standard American Diet) will be good for humans and the planet. 

As Jan jokes: You may also witness cows on pastel pastures farting methane clouds, responsible for sinking Bangkok, New Orleans, Miami, and Venice under the rising sea. Don’t forget the ice caps melting, polar bears drowning, their cubs starving, and your dreams of ever visiting Rome, Italy, vaporizing because southern Europe is becoming a part of the Sahara.

Terrible things happen when you lack the moral courage to refuse a steak.

The truth is Even if all “plant-based” foods were, in fact, natural, made from clean vegetables, fruit, and seeds (which they are NOT), a purely vegan diet would be insufficient to keep most people healthy.

Consider the wise words of Lierre Keith, in her book The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice and Sustainability

“I’m writing this book as a cautionary tale. A vegetarian diet–especially a low-fat version, and most especially a vegan one–is not sufficient nutrition for long-term maintenance and repair of the human body. To put it bluntly, it will damage you. I know. Two years into my veganhood, my health failed, and it failed catastrophically. I developed a degenerative joint disease that I will have for the rest of my life. It started that spring as a strange, dull ache deep in a place I didn’t know could have sensation. By the end of the summer, it felt like shrapnel in my spine.” 

Lierre is a former vegan who devoted her life to understanding the science of nutrition.

Let’s look at the nonsense baloney that’s out there:

Veganism is Healthy and Sustainable PROVIDING YOU TAKE A WHOLE HOST OF ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS. Isn’t that just a plain contradiction?

Says Jane Buxton in The Great Plant-Based Con: “Although the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) is quoted as having said that ‘all of the major dietetics societies have published papers stating that a vegan diet is nutritionally adequate for all stages of human health,’ accompanying this statement is a list of all the nutrients that need to be obtained via fortification and supplements, an admission that a vegan diet is not, in and of itself, safe or complete…” 

“Nutrients that are only found in animal foods include preformed vitamin A, B12, D3 and K2 (MK4 subtype), heme iron, taurine, carnosine, creatine, CLA, EPA, and DHA. Nutrients low in plants include zinc, iodine, methionine, leucine, choline, and glycine. Furthermore, plants often have different forms of the same nutrient that are less bioavailable and are metabolized differently.”²

To Your Good Health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor


  1. Originally published on
  2. Leroy, Frédéric and Cofnas, Nathan. ‘Should dietary guidelines recommend low red meat intake?’, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, Vol 60, 2020, Issue 16

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