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Virtual Medicine Breaks Every Law of Science & My Health Lesson To You

One of My Books On Sale for $3,000…Read on for a $2,980 Discount…

It sounds like a joke. But a well-respected subscriber to Prof. Keith’s mailings has reported finding a copy of my book, Virtual Medicine on sale on Amazon (Digital-EU) at $3,000! Now out of print, there is no question it’s a precious book; but $3,000?

Virtual Medicine, when it came out, broke almost all laws of medicine and showed the science (real science) behind many energy medicine and so-called “subtle energy” phenomena.

One of it’s critical mottoes was that, “Advanced physics doesn’t just say these strange energy phenomena could happen, it tells us they MUST happen.” It’s everyday stuff now but certainly was not in the 1990s, when I wrote it.

The first edition was published by Thorson’s, an imprint of Harper Collins, one of the biggest publishing houses in the world. I wish I knew then what I know about marketing books and engaging with my audience! It would have been a blockbuster, not just a minor best-seller!

To this day, it’s stolen, copied and pirated all over the Internet. I suppose that’s a kind of flattery. Anyway, I quit trying chase abuses of copyright (but that does NOT mean I allow it into the public domain).

Meanwhile, if you are interested in that kind of content, you can get yourself a copy for just $20 (includes shipping). That’s a $2,980 discount!!! But be warned, there are less than 170 copies left, lying in a cupboard. When those are gone, you’ve had it, till I find time to re-write and re-publish it.

Prof’s Own Health As The Lesson

Some of you will remember a few years back I used my broken arm from a cycling accident as a starting point for various healing philosophies. This time it’s blood pressure.

Just before Christmas I had a quite significant dental procedure (2 extractions, a bone graft and 10 gum stitches). I was persuaded to protect my investment by taking antibiotics; we were all out of MMS at home, which had broken and spilled during the house move a couple of weeks before, so I accepted a species of penicillin.

The result was (almost) predictable: a violent explosion of “Fire in the Belly”, as I call it. I wrote a whole book on this: the way that spoiling of intestinal flora gives rise to wild inflammatory processes throughout the body.

If you haven’t read it, it’s a MUST for any intelligent health seeker. This kind of thing can take you down very fast (yes, death), if you are not careful. Click here to read more about it.

Suffice it to say I was reeling within days; not just inflamed gums but inflamed everything! My joints ached, my guts screamed, my head throbbed and my mood went a-over-t (OK, let’s not be shy now we know each other: that’s a British expression for ass-over-tit).

You don’t need all the details and you might think “serves him right.” But a dental infection is something I teach people to be very careful of: I have known people our age (us Boomers) get a tooth abscess and be dead within a week. Teeth are VERY dangerous—I wrote about that too in Virtual Medicine.

Let’s just look at one aspect. I began to question the headaches because, as Vivien is my witness, I never (ever) get headaches. I took my blood pressure and it was not just high, it was deadly high. Time to act.

Pain, we all know, sends up your blood pressure. And there was plenty of pain over the Christmas holidays.

But those of you who follow me and my writings will know I teach that hypertension is 99.9% food allergy reactions. Maybe a few chemical sensitivities thrown in—but always food. So you will not be surprised to know that I excluded a bunch of food suspects. hypertension

The result was my blood pressure dropped and the headaches eased. Since it was holidays, I risked a celebratory glass of Gewurtztraminer (a wine from Alsace, where Vivien and I spent part of the last glorious summer), and a nice home-made goat’s cheese and mushroom strudel. Wham! Back came the headache, blood pressure shot up to over 210 systolic. I went to bed!

This time I went on a proper fast, or what I call a half fast; in this case, lamb and pears. No cheating this time. Even for New Year’s Eve I drank only water and went to bed on chicken and pears!

The result was the lowest blood pressure I’ve recorded it years. For someone my age, 140/90 is reckoned healthy enough. But I was getting systolics of 130 and diastolics as low as 72.

Now in my masterful book “Diet Wise” I talk about doing proper food challenges. It’s the most important thing you learn in my Diet Wise Academy.

In this case the challenge test was to take my blood pressure before trying a food and again 30 minutes after eating it. If blood pressure goes up, that’s a culprit. It always rises rapidly within the subsequent 30 minutes of eating an inflammatory or allergy food.

RULE: anything can do it, everything is suspect. I gave up peppermint tea, tulsi tea, melon, grapes, and questioned everything.

I’m working through a series of challenge tests, as I wrote this week’s newsletter. The headache has gone. So has the blood pressure.

Here’s another absolutely vital Scott-Mumby wisdom quote for you:

“If you ever measure a “normal” blood pressure, you do NOT have hypertension. You have fire in the belly, food allergies, or both!”

Think about it: the B*S* talked by conventional doctors, about “aging”, “hardening of the arteries” and so-called athero-sclerosis all means nothing at all; if your blood pressure can be normal, even just for a day, there is nothing wrong with you or your body; it’s something doing it to you!

My entire successful career has been built on that one simple precept: if you can have one good day, without symptoms of disease, you can have EVERY DAY without disease! You can always be as good as you are on your BEST day! Your body is not busted, as orthodox doctors try to argue. You have environmental stressors (food is an environmental stressor).

Those two pivotal books that tell the whole story:

Plus, if you haven’t seen the series of free videos at Diet Wise, go there now and sign up. The first 5 videos (over an hour) are free!

New Guidelines for Safe Blood Pressure

blood pressure graphic

By coincidence, new guidelines were released recently, increasing recommended safe levels. Pundits have gone for an across-the-boards safety level of 140/90. I commend that. The old 120/80, which sells lot of drugs, is very flawed. Just going to the doctor’s will put it up! It’s a well-known effect, called “white coat hypertension”.

Well, almost across-the-boards. For individuals older than 80 years, the target systolic increases to 140-150 mm Hg. As for diastolic blood pressure (DBP) the target is <90 mm Hg except in patients with diabetes, where evidence supports lower values (80-85 mm Hg).1

However, in individuals older than 80 years, the target SBP increases to 140-150 mm Hg. As for diastolic blood pressure (DBP) the target is <90 mm Hg except in patients with diabetes, where evidence supports lower values (80-85 mm Hg).1

The European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) released these new guidelines for managing arterial hypertension at the 2013 ESC meeting. Of course US doctors are quick to challenge it, since it cuts into their income.

They want to keep their way of doing things (after all, it makes the most dollars, so it must be “best”!) The US concept of 1st and 2nd stage treatment means double the medication options!*

But as Professor Giuseppie Mancia, co-chair at the meeting, points out: “It’s probably time to abandon the old all-purpose ranking of drugs into first choice, s

econd choice, which refers to an average patient who does not exist in clinical practice. I think it is much better to try to help physicians tailor treatment to give the proper drug in the proper clinical circumstance.”

I think he’s talking about personalized medicine, instead of mass methods or, as we would say…getting it right!

Just time then, to wish you all a happy, prosperous and VERY healthy New Year,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

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