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Wanna feel great? Think like Einstein? It’s not too late!

Wanna feel great? Think like Einstein? It’s not too late!

Want to feel young again? Shed the pounds, regain your energy, feel that clarity of thought you once knew? Get rid of endless minor ailments and inconveniences that never troubled you 10- 20 years ago?

Sure you do!

There are two ways you can do it. Spend $10,000s is psychotherapy, surgery, nutrient supplements, gym equipment and a personal coach. Even then, you might not find the vitality you are looking for.

Or you could eat differently.

Let me tell you what I know, which is that I have seen people come alive, wake up, literally, after eating the right foods. Friends start to comment “You look ten years younger, what are you taking?” More importantly, the person feels 10- 15 years younger.

It’s an important signal because it means the body tissues are regenerating (the feeling must come from somewhere, right?)

Turning back the clock is not unscientific fantasy because we know that societies and groups which eat strikingly well enjoy way above average long lives, like the Hunzas of Pakistan and the Okinawans of Japan.

So follow their lead and start to pay attention to what you put in your mouth.

Now here’s the catch. Eating right does not just mean keeping off manufactured junk food. Western refined food is a disaster, we all know that. Eating right means knowing and avoiding certain foods that are not right for you.

This is a startling new idea to many people. We are used to thinking of foods as nourishing; they keep us alive, right? Well, partly. But did you know that even natural whole foods contain many toxic compounds? If your genetic make-up means that you are missing certain de-tox enzymes, then you will have a problem with that food, because you can’t get rid of the poison efficiently.

In former times we used to consider this kind of genetic food incompatibility came under the banner of “food allergy”. But since the human genome project, it has become clear that nobody has perfect genes. We all suffer from little tiny variations called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, pronounced “snips” for short).

These SNPs affect our tolerance of foods in a variety of ways. What’s good for some people can be very bad for others. It’s Lucretius’ saying “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” come home to roost in our DNA.

Food allergy is still very common. But genetic food intolerance probably strikes everyone, to some degree or other. It’s maybe not important, if you are not ill. But don’t be complacent. Sometimes these stressor foods lurk undetected for decades, gradually undermining health, until one day the body’s defences are finally breached and real problems ensue.

The resultant disease or syndrome does not depend on what the incompatible food is. What calls the tune is which part of the body first breaks down. Thus a food reaction may emerge as a skin rash, bowel complaint (colitis), asthma, catarrh and rhinitis, or joint pains, migraine and so on.

The most remarkable symptoms come from the brain when it is affected. We are used to talking about “brain fog” or (better) the “woolly brain syndrome”. People who experience this unpleasant state recognize it immediately, just from the description.

But it can be more serious, and include inappropriate arousal, extreme fatigue, tension, jitters, hallucination and even physical violence. I have seen patients suicidally depressed as a result of this condition and have heard sufferers say they would end it all, if only they could find the courage to do it.

Yet, all of this can be cleared up in a matter of days, once the right cause has been found. The trouble is nobody thinks of harmful foods. Doctors are woefully ignorant about this phenomenon. 30 years ago they used to attack me for being “unscientific”. I can only retort today that these critics are negligently ignorant of their work.

The thing to grasp is that it is not just junk foods. Far from it, in fact. Real whole foods of every kind have made people seriously ill and my case book contains 10,000s of stories that prove I’m right.

I have seen carrot and celery cause epilepsy (one man had epilepsy due to wheat and I was able to get him his license back); 60 years of savage weekly migraines were traced to a milk allergy; repeated total skin loss due to potato; multiple sclerosis (MS) cleared up by avoiding beef; a young woman made helplessly drunk by orange everyone assumed it was the vodka and yet she was fine without the orange juice); 23 years of bloody colitis due to lettuce (the woman was eating salads because they were “healthy” and would “help” her complaint she believed.)

In 1987 I did a long prime-time TV interview with Alan Titchmarch (of gardening fame), introducing young Josie Wailes, who got drunk after eating potatoes. Alan offered her fries live on air! She refused.

But probably the most famous case in all those years of research was the Irish boy who was made murderously violent by potato, beef and strawberry. He had tried to strangle his step-father and was referred to me by a British Court of Law. The judge eventually accepted my evidence that food allergy could have this amazing effect on the youth’s brain. The prisoner was eventually released with a conditional discharge, the condition being the he stick to the diet I recommended.

The story rang round the world, in the press and on TV, I suspect largely due to the irony of an Irish boy being allergic to potato!

So, now we come to the point: how can you benefit from these breakthroughs in health science?

Well, you can take all this to heart and work out your own incompatible foods. To do so does not require expensive scientific testing and lab work. You can figure it out for yourself, using old-fashioned methodology, if you get my book “Diet Wise” and work through it carefully. It’s aimed at the layman and laywoman but I have given sufficient theory and explanation for you to fully understand the steps you need to take and why it works that way.

In the past I have likened this food allergic phenomenon to a game. There are rules; simple rules, it’s true. But you cannot expect to win a game if you don’t know the rules. So you need to get “diet wise” in this context.

I’ve explained everything you need to do, step by step. The tough withdrawals step that in later decades gave rise to the term “detox” diet is fully explained and why you need to go through it. The whole phenomenon of food addiction is inextricably ties in with the allergy/incompatibility phenomenon and I lay it all out for you, in detail.

The good news is that you don’t need to stay on an extended diet long. Once you’ve identified the culprits, you avoid those and eat almost everything else you want, including occasional manufactured food, if you like. (it’s a well-worn saying of mine that what you do wrong once in a while isn’t the problem; it’s what you are doing wrong on a daily basis that wrecks your health).

And you rarely have to do this more than once to enjoy a lifetime of aches and pain-free vitality, balanced emotions and mental clarity. Surely the best investment of $20 you could possibly make?

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