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What Is The Circle Of Life?

What Is The Circle Of Life?

I was sitting in idyllic chateau gardens in the south of France, near Narbonne. Life is good: fresh food, sunshine and lots of blessed wine! (yes, blessed—Jesus created some for his pals at a party, remember! Wine from water, I wish I could do that!)

This morning I walked over 3 miles, round the bay, to get my coffee; Vivien joined me (by car), as soon as she had completed her toilet. The vineyards are all around, sprouting and green. It feels like we are swept up in the Circle Of Life down here on the shores of the Mediterranean.

But then, as we sat on the terrace back home and talked love and philosophy, guess what? The yellow planes swept in and started low flying over the vines. We knew what that meant… Sure enough, they started releasing toxic spray from their vents, like evil insects peeing, round and round and round, repeating the spray on each low run.

They were crop spraying! The pollinators for the lovely roadside and hedgerow blooms were doomed. OUT! You stand in the way of profits, so who cares? Die, beasts! (God knows what birds and animals too).

Although the planes were over half a mile away when they started to dump their load, we could soon smell it. Viv and I ran inside and closed the door! As I wrote in my 1986 book, over 90% of pesticide spray stays in the atmosphere, for days, even weeks. I quoted a study in which tagged aerosols released in London were picked up in Sweden, same day!

The Circle Of Life was hideously disrupted here. It’s a buzz phrase but what does it mean? Kids are expected to understand it, when it appears in the movie The Lion King. Mufasa explains to his son Simba that when we die we return to the earth and nourish creatures that come after and which may, In turn, nourish our children.

That’s the way The Creator made the world, not in the image of Sam Walmart!

Linear Vs. Non-Linear

There’s a deeper principle at work here; the Circle Of Life is non-linear, but our world is falling apart because it’s obsessed with linearity. Linear is left-brain and masculine; it’s clever but hard work and not nourishing. It has to be continuously created. Non-linear, or regenerating, or circular, is right-brain and feminine. It is self-reflecting and self-supporting. Nothing closes the loop quite so spectacularly as a woman giving birth! I’ve been there, scores of times. It’s profoundly sacred at that moment the baby gasps its first breath. New life!

I have often had the strong urge to fall on my knees whenever I witnessed this—not to pray to God, but to pay homage to the woman! (doesn’t look good going down in scrubs, so I never DID it, just an urge, you understand).

Face it guys, a woman made us, bore us patiently inside her body, nothing so much as like a parasite, for 9 months! Sure it needed the male seed to get started, but from the moment the woman collected it, the man could die for all Mother Nature cared. Redundant. Not needed.

I’m sure you know, some species make a point of this: the male is gobbled up as food, as soon as he has done the necessary deed! Aaarrgggh! Is that what oral sex is about, do you think?

Anyway, back to the biology of life.

Hamlet, Anyone?

The Circle of Life is first mentioned in the opening sequence of the film Lion King, during which the concept is introduced as an integral part of the Pride Lands. It is again mentioned by Mufasa when he is teaching his son Simba how to make a good king. In order to help the Pride Lands thrive, a lion must follow the principles of the Circle of Life, respecting all the creatures so that nature can follow its natural course.

We are born, we take part, we die. Then we are “recycled” as food for others, including bacteria, fungi and maggots. Our remains fertilize the lands, which feed our offspring, which brings the circle of life round and round!

Mufasa’s speech to Simba is similar to a quotation from Act. IV, Scene III of Shakespeare’s  Hamlet in which Hamlet says “Your worm is your only emperor for diet: we fat all creatures else to fat us and we fat ourselves for maggots: your fat king and your lean beggar are but variable service, two dishes, but to one table: that’s the end […] A man may wish with a worm that hath eat of a king and cat of the fish that hath fed of that worm.”

The Lion King is supposed to be loosely based on Hamlet so this is probably deliberate.

Compost is Sacred

Following these rules, everything rightfully ends up as compost. We harvest the land for food, poop it out, that goes back to the land (or is supposed to), we enrich the soil. It’s circular: cows eat grass, we eat cows, we manure the grass with our excrement, figuratively speaking. But tragically, today, as we know, that is NOT the case.

We buy plastic wrapped food (which is not food, as I explained recently). We throw out the plastic, which sits forever on the land—accumulating mounds of it.

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This is NOT the Circle Of Life. This is the Gadarene rush towards death. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has a nice turn of phrase: he calls humanity a “suicide cult”! Ha ha!

But seriously, we need to disconnect from the madness of linear, once-off, throwaway living and get ourselves back in to the Circle of Life!

You can start by buying loose vegetables and unwrapped cakes, bread, puddings and the like. Do not buy water in plastic bottles (Fiji water is supposed to be the exception, because its hard plastic does not emit chemicals into the stored water—but it’s still plastic! Duh!) Buy glass-bottled water, or get yourself a good filter: Brita is sort of OK, but we have, use and LOVE the AquaTru from Water and Wellness.

Rebel against packaging! It’s all about tricking you, selling more than you really want, and creating need where there wasn’t any.

And while I’m at it, crop spraying is not part of the Circle Of Life. It’s dead-end profiteering.

OK, preaching a bit. But I am passionate about this. We are either in the world, of the world, or alien to the world! It’s a choice.

Much love to all,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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