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What Is This Thing Called Dying?

As we move further and further through the Third Age, this is a natural question. Maybe many people would rather ignore it and hope it goes away. But it doesn’t: the question lingers and threatens to invade more and more of the mind as the years go by.

I have prepared a book, almost ready to publish, called “Overcoming the Fear of Dying”. I believe it has an important purpose, which is to do what it says: to reduce the fear and uncertainty of what it will mean to us all, to die!

First, before we come to death, we should ask what it means to be alive, to truly exist, to BE? If we get to grips with that, in a good state, then we can better understand what it means—what will happen—when it comes to a final end.

The picture is muddled with endless gaslighting from the reductionist/mechanist crowd, who insist that all life is a lucky accident, that material is not alive and that we are mere brains, which do all the thinking. When the brain is gone, living and Being is gone, they claim.

Inconvenient problems, like out-of-body experiences, near-death-encounters, telepathy, prescience, time travel and de-location they classify as mere “delusions”, without ever thinking that their own hallowed model is in fact just an absurd delusion. To sustain it, they have to ignore the experiences of countless individuals all over the world and in every culture.

A recent survey I saw found that over 50% of the population have had some kind of  “supernatural” experience, meaning that these are not supernatural at all, but common! More than half the world is nuts? I don’t think so. Any model which does not have an explanation for such widespread experiences is simply wrong. Unscientific and wrong.

It’s time to stop defending the existence of experiences beyond the normal as loony or mistaken. I amassed a mountain of evidence in my own book Medicine Beyond for scientifically tested and proven phenomena that cannot be explained by the simplistic, reductionist model. There is something more and that something is… US! 

Consciousness and Being is certainly beyond the physical. But that doesn’t make it unreal or a delusion. Consciousness is, manifestly, a non-material phenomenon. The psychopathological science of our times says arrogantly that, if it is not within the space-time continuum, it cannot therefore exist. They produce no evidence whatever for such a ridiculous claim; it’s just asserted. 

But it is only a claim and has no core “truth”, just a belief system backing it. There is no verification. It’s hard to see how there could be, since their detection and measuring devices can only process physical parameters; they are set up that way.

So let’s take a look at the proper definition of non-material; few people stop to think it through…

It means no matter, no energy, no space and no time. It’s there but has none of these properties adduced to it. The reason we know it is there is because of thoughts, perception, reason and—above all—imagination. We are capable of creating in our minds a construct that does not exist anywhere else. Something “not real”. An imagined event or construct is not a copy of something already in existence; it is conceived as a fresh, entirely new creation.

Imagination is pivotal; I do not see robot AI ever being able to “imagine” facts. I suppose it will be able to falsify facts. But not create something from nothing. You cannot get something from nothing, are famous words from The Sound Of Music. There has to be a starting place, which is already NOT “nothing”.

Anyway, to continue… No matter means non-material. That includes energy too. Energy, remember Einstein, is equivalent to matter; it’s matter repackaged. I argue always that “spiritual energy” is a nonsense: it’s either energy OR spiritual. It can’t be both. Think about that!

But what about NO TIME? Think it through… no time means no beginning and no end, something eternal. Non-material spirit exists and it goes on FOREVER, it cannot die!

So when I lecture on this and introduce these testy themes, I always ask the tricky question: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST FEW BILLIONS OF YEARS? Come on; this is the challenge: if you are timeless (immortal) you must have been somewhere! Any idea where?

Of course this is a sneaky, roundabout way of getting to the matter of re-incarnation. How can it not be? I believe (though I have never read the direct passages myself) that re-incarnation (past lives) was once in the Bible. It would have been familiar to Jesus because it was a core belief of the Essenes.

Reincarnation is commonly represented in the West as being an exclusively Hindu or Buddhist belief, but it is not. Reincarnation is a tenet of orthodox Judaism, wherein it is called gilgul or ha’atakah, and was so at the time of Christ, and automatically passed over into Christian theology. Then I suppose, Islam: these three religions are all based on the Old Testament story of Abraham.

The Church has tried to stamp it out, because you cannot enslave and control a population that knows that—whatever you do—he or she will come around again. One website I visited recently asked the stupid question: May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation? Only an oppressive organization would even consider they had the right to tell people what they may believe.

Do we need permission to believe in the Sun and moon?

The Jewish philosopher, Philo Judaeus, whose lifespan included that of Christ, wrote in detail about reincarnation as a normal belief, but a brief quote should suffice: “The air is full of souls; those who are nearest to earth descending to be tied to mortal bodies return to other bodies, desiring to live in them.”

[De Somniis (of dreams) I:22]

I’ve said before that the early Christian Gnostics mostly believed in the multi-dimensional view of souls/spirits hanging around everywhere. Basilides, an early Gnostic writer in Alexandria, Egypt, almost became a second-century Pope! Many of his utterances are found, in writing, in the Nag Hammadi library (1945).

Anyway, Prof thinking aloud again. I expect I might have upset a few. But these are issues we must think about—and decide for ourselves—not as we are told to believe, either by the priest classes, or the worshippers of the God Scientism! What does your eternal future hold for YOU? It’s your call!

Certainly, all the evidence points to the fact that you do not die! You move on. Yay!

To Your Good Health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

Founder of Third Age Wisdom. Come join us:

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