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Back Pain Is A Common Agony

I know that back pain is probably the number one reason people visit the doctor. Probably something to do with our amazing upright posture.

I know magnesium injections help but this isn’t available for the average person. Chiropracters can sometimes help but they are not all equally competent and I have seen them, first hand, make things WORSE.

But a book which recently arrived on my desk has lots of good answers for this age-old problem. I mailed you about it a few days ago but promised the publishers I would mention it in Letter From Serendipity too.

It’s by a guy called Jesse Cannone and called The 7-Day Back Pain Cure. Cannone has gone deeply into this and as a result has frequently appeared as an expert on TV shows, radio and been featured in numerous prestige magazines.

He publishes an eZine called Less Pain, More Life, so you need to listen to this guy.

I like his stuff. Like he says you need to go further upstream to the condition and the pain; work out real causes for a lasting cure. Even chiropracters and osteopaths often don’t do that (which is why you go back every week or month and pay again and again).

He throws out the myths, one by one, such as: myth #6 the best thing for back pain is bed rest (Oh no it isn’t!!)

Or myth #1 You “throw out” your back. These lifting and twisting events are NOT the cause of the problem, only the final trigger.

One of the keys to back pain Jesse explains is that your muscles are competing with each other in a game of “Tug of War.” Over time, some of your muscles grow stronger and some grow weaker.

This “battle” continues until your muscles are so out of balance that they actually cause pain… including back pain.

Believe it or not, this is the reason that having strong muscles can actually hurt you. It’s not the strength of the muscle that matters so much as the balance between them.

If they’re out of balance, you end up with PAIN.

To find out more about Jesse Cannone’s methods for treating back pain… without drugs, injections or expensive surgeries you need to go to his website and start reading:

Click here to get the details.

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