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Dr. Keith’s 7 Inflammations

I think you must all know by now that inflammation is the number #1 ager. The more inflammation is running, the faster you age. It’s that simple. 

You can find out your inflammatory status, if your doctor will cooperate, by being tested for CRP (C-reactive protein), TNF-alpha, IL-6 and possibly an ESR (a bit old-fashioned but definitely important if positive).

Even without a blood test, you can tell if you are inflamed: pains, aches, stiffness, redness and heat are sure signs of inflammation. And of course some conditions speak loudly of inflammation: diabetes, arthritis, skin rashes, blood pressure, heart disease… even cancer and Alzheimer’s are all basically inflammations.

Inflammation doesn’t just “happen”, it is caused. To help you all live longer, I have identified the 7 most common and most important inflammations. Here we go…

  1. Food Allergy and Intolerance

This is MUCH bigger than just casein and gluten, touted by the wannabe “health researchers” who keep popping up on the web. The Scott-Mumby rule is that ANY FOOD OR DRINK CAN DO IT. There are NO “safe” foods; there are NO “superfoods”. I have had people made sick nearly unto death with lettuce, beans, tomatoes, apples, carrots, onions,

True, some intolerance foods are commoner than others: wheat and grains are bad news, nightshades (potato, tomato, peppers, eggplant, etc.), dairy produce, eggs (can be severe), almonds, and of course all manufactured foods, including GMO crops.

But we are all different and you won’t know your own “bandit” foods till you take the trouble to test and track them down (guessing hardly ever works). I wrote a book years ago to help you do that. It’s called Diet Wise and has lately been re-released under the title One Diet for Life. (

It’s a self-help book and if you do this right, you’ll only need to make the journey once. But nothing else in life or health is going to work if you are, effectively, poisoning yourself with what you eat. Duh!

  1. Chemical Sensitivity

Decades ago, I introduced the term “human canaries”. These are the unlucky individuals who react to even small traces of ambient chemicals. Like canaries down the coal mines of old, these people are a warning to all of us. We are living in what I call a “chemical blizzard” and we are ALL going to be ill one day. Science and the medical profession let these people down very badly. They claim the average person is not harmed by typical exposures (not at all true, by the way). But it’s hardly the point is it, if these people can NOT tolerate the same exposure as an average person?

Look at this curve; it’s called a bell curve and is a classic in medicine and biology.

It can apply to many measurements, such as height and weight. But it also applies to chemical tolerance. What it shows is that some people have a very high tolerance; they wouldn’t suffer much. Some people are very intolerant and can’t endure what others might. The vast majority of people fall somewhere in between!

Is it fair to say “The majority are symptom-free at this concentration, therefore it is safe?” Isn’t that just unethical and casting those on the left end of the curve into purgatory? Is that what The Almighty would want? No, it’s what greedy irresponsible corporations want: profits at any cost, including human cost.

A naturally chemically sensitive person will be severely inflamed by our modern world.

  1. Obesity

This may not be obvious but there is a very strong, direct connection: obesity causes systemic (body-wide) inflammation but inflammation makes you gain weight. It’s a double-whammy.

Part of the problem is that belly fat contains a LOT of inflammatory chemicals. That’s what makes belly fat much more dangerous than fat around your heart  kidneys. Many organic chemicals (solvents, degreasers, detergents, cosmetics, etc.) are fat-soluble, as opposed to water-soluble.

Consequently, we can none of us afford to be overweight. If you are, you need to treat it as a medical emergency, not just an inconvenience. Get that weight off, starting now. Keto, low-carb and intermittent fasting are all good. But I urge you to start with tracking down allergy and intolerance foods first (section1.) It works MAGIC against inflammation.

4. Sleep Deprivation

Another “medical emergency” if you suffer from it. Lack of sleep is a wrecking ball that will soon demolish your health and vitality. It leads to inflammation, which may seem surprising, but this is well-established scientifically.

I wrote a little book about it. I also offer a Sleep Defender formula, with valerian, 5-HT, L-theanine and melatonin. It works like a charm. Try it here.

  1. EMFs

No surprise here. We are all becoming increasingly aware of the immense biological toll of electric power cables, dirty electricity, WiFi, microwaves, cellphones, x-rays, scans, and Bluetooth, etc. We even generate EMFs from our own teeth, when metal fillings interact with salty saliva in the mouth (the very first batteries were just metal plates separated by layers of damp, salt-soaked fabric).

The problem with this burden is that it is very unnatural. We are now at millions of times the intensity of the natural background radiation in which we evolved. There are definite biological changes taking place in our bodies. The shills and phoney corporations all say “It’s not a problem. We have tested it and there are no biological effects.” 

But that’s an outrageous lie. They measure only heating in the tissues, say there is none and so dismiss the whole thing. It’s like they invent their own rules and then use them to cheat. THE THERMAL OR HEATING EFFECT IS A FALSE STANDARD. Cooking your flesh is something that would only be meaningful if we lived in a microwave oven. We don’t.

The truth is that there are serious and damaging biological effects at today’s ambient levels of exposure. Cancers are only part of this. Our neurological systems run on vanishingly small EMFs, in the region of a few millivolts or microamps. Any EMF exposure will negatively impact that. It’s a process called induction. EMF fields round about will stir up the same fields in our bodies; it’s a sort of sympathy/resonance thing.

You need to minimize your exposure. In practice that means, first and foremost, that you do everything you can to stay away from your cellphone. Don’t think that being in a poor reception area protects you somewhat; it’s the opposite. When the signal is low, the phone will ramp up its power a million-fold, to try and get a connection.

Keep it where you can hear it, if you must. Only connect if it rings. Even then, use speakerphone or hold it at arms length. Some people use remote phones but beware: EMFs can travel up the wires and get straight into your head, via your ears! Choose your equipment carefully.

  1. Sugar.

Without doubt, the single most inflammatory substance we put in our bodies is sugar. Period.

It’s impossible to overstate how dangerous this substance is. In centuries past, heart disease, diabetes, etc. were unknown. In 1700, the average Briton consumed 4 lbs of sugar per year! By 1800, Americans ate an average of 18 lbs of sugar per year. Today that has risen 10-fold to 180 lbs a year. Remember, that is the average, so some people will eat far less than that, some will eat FAR MORE.

As a result, diabetes, atherosclerosis, dementia, obesity, even cancer, are far more prevalent than they once were. Professor John Rudkin wrote a great book called Pure White and Deadly. They crucified him for it (literally), we have all the documentation showing the evil plot of the sugar manufacturers to destroy this poor man and his work.

They also set out to destroy the human race (you, me, everyone) by burying the truth as deep as they could. They KNOW that sugar kills mercilessly; yet they still go on manufacturing and selling it.

It’s in EVERYTHING: bread, hams, breakfast cereal, yoghurt, salad dressing,   sauces and spreads. As well as, obviously, in cakes, muffins and cookies, plus fruits and some vegetables. The average American consumes 22 spoons of sugar daily, according to the American Heart Association. 

AND, don’t forget milk is mainly a sugar food (more so than fat). Skimmed milk is WORSE, because without the fat, it’s basically just water and lactose.

Sugar KILLS. Inflammation is the mechanism.

  1. Insulin Resistance

In a way, this is directly related to #6. However, not quite! The key point to grasp is that insulin is highly inflammatory in its own right. It’s the WORST thing on this list in that respect.

When you eat too much sugar, your body produces insulin, to try to sequester it away into body fat. After a while your body stops listening and blood sugar soars. That’s called diabetes! The insulin climbs and climbs and climbs, still struggling to cope with the excess sugar in the blood (mainly glucose, of course).

But insulin is inflammatory, damaging heart, kidneys, liver, brain, blood vessels. It becomes a vicious cycle because, as in #3, inflammation promotes weight gain and weight gain promotes more inflammation. Insulin is in there, making it all worse.

It’s a mess. The result? You die! Literally: diabetic patients die early, NO MATTER HOW CAREFULLY THEY CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR WITH DRUGS, ETC.

Bet your doctor never told you that.

The Way Out

“The best way out is the way through…” Robert Frost, poet.

The ONLY way out is to cut back on carbs a lot and cut out sugar completely. That means your blood sugar starts to fall; you start losing weight; which means you need less insulin; which means inflammation starts to die down; which means you lose weight quicker; which means you are soon healthier and—if you keep it up—eventually inflammation is conquered and you live well.

It will take a little time. But hey! Who is in a hurry to die?

This one action (cutting out carbs and sugar) is the key to living longer. All your numbers—weight, inflammatory markers, blood sugar, fasting insulin—all start trending to normal.

Do a good job and you should live an above average lifespan and certainly a much better health span!

Just do it!

To your good health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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