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How Toxic Overload Damages Your Body’s Ability to Fight Disease

The damage that toxic overload is doing to your body right now would blow your mind.  Stopping it is truly critical to your health!

Addressing this issue is not only the best way to prevent, fight, and beat illness – in many cases (for many patients), it’s the only way.

You Can Beat (Even Cure) Anything

No matter what disease, condition, or undiagnosed symptoms you’re currently struggling with, there’s a way to drastically improve your chances of beating it.  Even curing it.

It begins with one simple concept: lowering toxic overload (also called body burden).

Let’s talk about the word “cure” for a moment.  If you must take drugs for life or constantly visit a doctor for weekly or monthly sessions – that is not a cure.

My definition of “cure” is no symptoms, no treatment required.

That’s when you can say you’re officially cured of an illness, condition, or disease.  When the situation is fully resolved and requires no more attention!  That’s a very simple, exact, and reasonable definition, wouldn’t you agree?

It means that 99% of prescription drugs are pretty useless, in my opinion.  I’m not telling you to stop taking them but I am telling you they’re not fixing the root problem.

Most drugs aren’t meant to fix the problem, only suppress the symptoms.

Resolving Toxic Overload is Bad for Profit!

In my own practice, I didn’t have a lot of patients who came back again and again over the years.  They came to me with their health issues, I determined their particular cause of body burden, and they felt better.  There’s no reason to keep going to a doctor when you feel amazing!

Any MD or specialist knows that repeat business is how you make the real money.  Chronic diseases, skin conditions, and digestive complaints are the backbone of profit margin.  The pharmaceutical companies run on the same business model.

Statin drugs and antidepressants solve nothing, merely mask symptoms, and create other issues (side effects) that then require more prescriptions.  You take them for months, years, and decades…becoming their perfect “repeat customer.”

Sick people are profitable.  Healthy people are not.

I didn’t rely on that endless residual income.  I felt compelled, driven even, to get to the root of the problem…what was really the source of how a patient felt, what was making them sick.

Thousands of patients came to me, resolved their personal toxic overload, and got well.  Rather than follow-up visits, I received their thanks and updates on their continued good health.

It might not have been “good for business” but it was certainly excellent for my patients!

The entire system of patient treatment was based on one single principle.  It was behind all my clinical work and I’ve seen the positive results.

The Law of Healing

Your body loves to protect and heal you.  There are endless systems in place to knit together lacerations, mend broken bones, and beat back bacterial or viral invaders.

Every day, your body successfully prevents you from sickness and death.  An intricate running machine that keeps you breathing, moving, thinking, and feeling.  You even have the ability to re-grow liver and even brain cells – knowledge we didn’t have until a couple of decades ago!

When these perfect systems become overwhelmed, they try to take up the slack without interrupting the ebb and flow of your life.  You might not be aware that it’s overworked because your body is determined to protect you at any cost!

Once you experience symptoms, some defenses inside you have already broken down.  This puts an entirely new perspective on sickness and disease.  Symptoms (in reality) are not the beginning phase of illness.  Their appearance actually marks the final stages of the process.

What Causes Toxic Overload?

Many factors can contribute to your basic systems breaking down and beginning to fail.

Some of them are chemical pollution, poor nutrition, heavy metal exposure, chronic stress (physical or emotional), undetected infections, unknown parasite or fungal invasions, lack of movement, poor lifestyle choices, and food allergies or intolerances.

The severity of the disease or even your age are not critical blocking factors of your body’s ability to heal.  These don’t actually slow or prevent the healing process.

It’s when too many factors are present at the same time when things get critical!

Toxic overload occurs after months, years, or decades of worsening circumstances, your body struggling to fight them, to keep up.  Your body falls behind and starts storing what it can no longer process or flush, slowly compromising your body’s ability to resolve them at all.

The Barrel Model

The best way to grasp this concept is using the metaphorical barrel model.  The barrel represents your resistance to disease.

Think of your health status as a barrel, of fixed capacity.  Symptoms are the overflow of this barrel.  While your body is able to contain the symptoms (the barrel holds the fluid content without spilling), then there is no disease.

However, if the barrel fills up too fast, the body load is too great, and the barrel overflows.  This state represents the symptoms you experience.

The recovery process is the same concept in reverse.  If you shut off some of the inflow into the barrel – fix up our diet, reduce stress, start healthy living, or any number of positive changes – then you can prevent the barrel from overflowing.

The symptoms will switch off and you’ll feel better.

You don’t need to have an empty barrel to avoid disease – simply a barrel which can maintain its capacity!  This has been one of my sayings for three decades now!  “You don’t need zero health challenges to get zero symptoms.”  You just need to be able to control and sufficiently reduce the toxic overload you have!

Your body will heal anything if you reduce the total body burden to the point where the natural curative and restorative mechanisms can function!  That’s how you get a cure every time.

This is for every person.  You can become your own healer by listening to your body, understanding your own condition, and lowering toxic overload in your daily life.

For more fascinating information about how toxic overload can be identified and eliminated, read my book “Diet Wise” right now!

Be good to your body on the long haul because the long-term is what matters.  How you plan to feel years or decades from now is dependent on the practices you begin today.

Reduce toxic overload, get enough rest so your body can repair and replace damaged tissue, and never, ever forget the importance of nutrition in healing.

Reap the rewards in a long and healthy life.

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