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Lower Back Pain Causes and How To Ease It

The lower back is the support system for your entire upper body – so losing that support to pain can affect your entire life.  Lower back pain causes can vary wildly but the condition is defined as starting below the ribcage to the base of the spine and it may cause discomfort elsewhere in the body that may not seem connected.

Millions of people suffer from chronic lower back pain and experts estimate that as much as 80% of the population will experience this form of pain in their lifetimes.  As much as 10% of those will develop chronic back pain.

It is one of the most stated reasons for loss of work around the world.  Adults in their mid-to-late thirties are most susceptible to low back pain and are more likely to have recurring cases.  

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

  • Dull ache or throbbing
  • Stabbing pain
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness in lower body
  • Difficulty walking or bending
  • Chills, dizziness, or fatigue

Though less common, some sufferers experience difficulty in going to the bathroom, pain in nearby joints, fever, rash, abdominal pain, weight loss, and a “shrinking” (atrophy) of lower body muscles.

Western Medicine Treats the Symptoms – Not the Patient

Though the causes of lower back pain are often preventable and reversible, Western medicine’s answer is (as usual) heavy-handed and shortsighted.  Doctors are taught to administer temporary “fixes” that address the immediate pain without offering long-term solutions.

  1. Oral medication – prescription or over-the-counter
  2. Injection of medication directly to the site
  3. Surgery to “correct” the problem by force

If the true cause is never addressed and corrected, the pain will return repeatedly.  While this is good news for the medical and pharmaceutical industries – it is very bad news for you.

Different Types of Lower Back Pain

  • Chronic pain – often with an unknown or undiagnosed cause – is that which lasts three months with the patient experiencing pain for the majority of those days.  
  • Acute pain – such as that caused by a one-time fall or other impact injury – will typically go away on its own with physical rehabilitation.  
  • Sciatica – pressure that affects the sciatic nerve – can occur when a disc is bulging or ruptures.  This can be felt in the buttock area and into the legs. This can cause acute pain and is often misdiagnosed as simple muscle strain.
  • Muscle strain – such as that experienced after a new workout or heavy lifting during a move – is not a daily occurrence so it is unlikely that the injury will happen again with care.  Soaking in a warm tub or using a heating pad can ease discomfort.

Lower back pain does not have to destroy your quality of life.  There are natural methods to prevent injury and to reverse the effects.

Primary Causes of Chronic Lower Back Pain

  • A job that requires heavy lifting, twisting, or pulling
  • Wearing or carrying a bag that is too heavy
  • Participation in sports – especially if you are sedentary otherwise
  • Starting a new workout without proper preparation
  • Poor posture while sitting or standing
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Lack of exercise and excessive sleeping

Each of these causes can be alleviated naturally – without drugs or surgery – to give you back your quality of life, pain free.

10 Tips to Alleviate Lower Back Pain Naturally

  1. Core strengthening and regular activity
  2. Improve flexibility with yoga and tai chi
  3. Avoid using a brace if possible
  4. Spinal manipulation by a chiropractor
  5. Regular massage
  6. Acupuncture
  7. Physical rehabilitation
  8. Maintain a healthy body weight
  9. Use care when lifting

Addressing the causes of lower back pain – and correcting the source whenever possible – is the answer to getting rid of chronic pain in your life.  It is about the basic science of pain, applying it to your specific case, and taking steps to ease it while preventing future flare-ups.  

Pain Can and Should Be Treated Naturally and Permanently

Improve your “health literacy” by reading my book “The Ultimate Guide to Natural Pain Relief” and take back control of your life.  

The health industry and big pharma don’t address the causes of lower back pain (or any chronic pain) because they don’t want you to be pain free!  There is massive profit to be made from every visit to your doctor, every test, and every drug you are prescribed.  

Pain-killers are not the answer…being pain free is the answer.  Find out more right now!


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