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The Red Planet and Weight Loss Hype

Just a quick note (250 words) about my newsletter topic last week…

I talked vehemently against global warming and the propaganda ploy that says Mankind is destroying our climate, with hydrocarbon emissions (not to mention camels farting!) Well, a lovely reader friend called my attention to a 2001 NASA announcement that Mars is also warming up!

So that can’t be due to SUVs, humans, greenhouse gases or camels! In fact it’s an entirely natural process, driven by changes in the Sun and Mars’ relationship with the Sun.

High-resolution images snapped by NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor show that levels of frozen water and carbon dioxide at the Red Planet’s poles had dwindled dramatically—by more than 10 feet—over a single Martian year (equivalent to 687 days or about two Earth years).

Of course the denialists are onto this, quick as a flash. That effect can’t possibly apply to planet Earth, oh no, oh dear me, no no no! 

They claim that, although some studies in the 2000s purportedly showed evidence of climate change on Mars, these were shown to be either localized effects due to Martian ‘weather’ and dust storms rather than ‘climate’. What the heck does that mean: it’s “weather”, but not climate? 


Sounds like monkey rattle to me. And if NASA is in on the game, then very likely THOSE higher temperatures have been “adjusted” too, to get rid of the warming trend, so that the lies they tell down here on earth will stick for a little longer!

Don’t let images of the vanishing polar caps put you off the official story!

A self portrait of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity on the surface of Mars.  

Anyway, on with this week’s newsletter topic, which is… 

Dangerous New Weight-Loss Drugs

I’m talking about the craze of the moment: semaglutide, a GLP-1 analogue, sold as Wegovy, Ozempic, etc. To read the media razzle-dazzle you’d think it was a wonderful new breakthrough drug, instead of (actually) just a new way to trick the suckers.

Novo Nordisk, the makers of Wegovy and Ozempic, have been building demand for their products for years. They paid leading “obesity medicine doctors” just under $14 million to come up with “education” programs (while Eli Lilly, maker of rival Mounjaro, paid less than $1 million). It’s all as I’ve been saying for decades, so-called research money is just re-packaged as crafty marketing, not science at all.

“Novo Nordisk believes that responsible engagement between pharmaceutical companies and the medical community is good for patients and advances care and science,” Natalia Salomao, the company’s senior director corporate brand, said in an emailed statement to USA Today.

That is, of course, complete B*S* It’s a justification for their massive con. In case you are in any doubt as to the integrity of Novo Nordisk, let me tell you they were recently suspended for two years from a pharmaceutical lobbying group in the U.K. for quietly sponsoring a training program that was actually exposed as a “promotional campaign which Novo Nordisk knowingly paid for.” 

It’s not clear whether the newer generation of weight loss drugs, which suppress appetite, will provide different long-term results than other weight loss approaches.

In the longest study, lasting 68 weeks – about 16 months – weight loss plateaued and started to climb again by the end, suggesting people’s bodies had acclimated to the drugs.

In other words, it doesn’t work, long-term. But at $1,000 per month per patient, why should Big Pharma give a hoot! A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine last month found covering the cost of these medications for only 20% of eligible patients would cost Medicare $13 billion a year.

What They Are Not Telling You

Makers of these GLP-1 agonists freely agree that people will regain lost pounds if they stop taking the medications, as clinical trial participants did after the trials ended. In other words, it doesn’t solve anything. It’s just a very expensive patch.

Trouble is, “We certainly don’t know what will happen if people are on these (weight loss drugs) for the rest of their lives, which is what Novo is suggesting,” said Ragen Chastain, the author of “The Weight And Healthcare Newsletter” and the blogger behind Dances With Fat, who researches the weight loss industry and its wily ways.

There is simply NO long-term safety data. 

Common side effects of these so-called GLP-1 receptor agonists –– can be significant. The drugs already come with a warning that they may cause significant nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and constipation, and could increase the risk of thyroid cancer, acute pancreatitis, gallbladder disease, low blood sugar, kidney injury, damage to the eye’s retina and suicidal thinking or behavior. 

The risks of serious side effects are small, (they say) but the more people who take them, the more people will step into the quagmire. 

Also SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER READ IN THE HYPE: it doesn’t work unless you are willing to eat better and exercise more! Now, where have I heard that before? Oh yes, everywhere… 

Anyone can sell you weight loss junk, saying take our stuff, eat less and exercise more, and you’ll lose weight. Of course!

But also, if you eat less and exercise more, WITHOUT THEIR FANCY JUNK, you will still lose weight!

Nah, I’m not buying it.

They Are After The Children Too

The American Academy of Pediatrics changed its guidelines in January and now recommends aggressive weight loss methods for children as young as 2, including surgery and medications for those as young as 12.

Wegovy was approved in December for use in children ages 12 and up. A clinical trial by—you guessed it—Novo Nordisk showed that 134 adolescents with obesity or who were overweight and had at least one related health condition lost about 16% of their body weight over 68 weeks while taking Wegovy in addition to eating healthfully and exercising regularly. The 67 adolescents in the same trial who received a placebo lost less than 1% of their weight over that time. 

But there’s no data on these drugs long-term among adolescents, who are laying down bone needed for the rest of their lives and who depend on adequate nutrition for healthy sexual maturation.

“All the interventions that we’ve tried in the past decades to combat the ‘obesity epidemic’ have made things worse,” says Kimberley Dennis MD, a board certified psychiatrist and eating disorders specialist. “And now we’re doubling down and saying, ‘Let’s do the same things we’re doing to adults that don’t work – we just need to intervene earlier and give these things to our kids.’ It’s going to be a disaster.”2

Kimberley Dennis MD is clearly not in need to weight loss medication

And in case you don’t know it, these drug companies support the Obesity Action Coalition, an industry-backed group that says it fights weight stigma. Novo Nordisk was the coalition’s largest and only “platinum” donor in 2021. Lilly was two categories down in the “silver” category. Don’t be fooled; they are steering the campaign to get as many people as possible hooked for life on their weight loss drugs. In other words, they are not campaigning for patients, just shilling for the drug manufacturers.


To Your Good Health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor



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