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The Secret of Food Allergy Test Dieting

food allergy testingThe secret of successful identification of food allergies – which I discussed in my last post – is to give up sufficient foods to be able to feel well, then to re-introduce these foods one at a time, so that detecting a reaction is relatively easy. We call this elimination and challenge dieting. It rarely works to give up just one food at a time because anyone who is ill is almost certain to have more than one allergy. If it was simply one major allergen, the person would have spotted it eventually, as indeed some lucky people do. Dr Doris Rapp of New York coined an instructive term: the “eight nails in the shoe trap”. She points out that if you have eight nails sticking out in your shoe, and then pull just one of these nails, you will still not be comfortable – because of the other seven. It can be the same with multiple allergies. You have to work at it just that little bit harder.

Make no mistake, elimination diets can be tough; they should be. But it is important to remember that I am talking here of a trial diet, an experimental procedure. You do not need to stay on a tough diet long-term; indeed you are specifically cautioned not to do so, otherwise you run into problems caused by inadequate nutritional sources. The purpose of the strict diet is to isolate the culprits. Once you know these, you can eat most anything else. This means you shift into a maintenance diet, solely avoiding these offending foods, something you stay on for months or years. Almost anyone who feels much better by avoiding one or two foods has the will power to continue; the rewards are high!

Please don’t mix up these two grades of diet. You’ll suffer needlessly.

Foods can and do HURT. Let me teach you about how to choose the right foods for you… forget what you’ve read. YOUR OWN BODY will tell you what it wants, if you do this properly!

I tell you the whole story, and tell you what to do about this unsuspected source of ill health, in my paradigm-bending book “Diet Wise” (320 pages packed with info you need to be truly “diet wise”).

A quick word about drugs

Drug allergies are not rare and it may be wise to discontinue medications which are unnecessary. However, certain drugs are essential and should not be stopped, such as anti-epileptics, some cardiac drugs (such as digoxin), insulin and thyroxin. Some medications, such as cortisone derivatives, need to be phased out gradually.

To be certain, it is better to discuss the implications with your doctor and ask his or her advice on stopping your treatment. Don’t be put off by the high-handedness which some doctors, sadly, are prone to when their prescriptions are questioned. You are entitled to know the effect of any drug you are taking and also precisely why you are taking it, and it may be that your doctor will not even understand the workings and side-effects of drugs being used.

The key question that you want answered is, ‘Will I come to harm if I stop this drug?’ Nine times out of ten the answer is, ‘No’.

Don’t forget, tobacco is a drug. You must stop smoking if you are serious about getting well.

In our next post I’ll begin discussing allergy diet plans!

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