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Vitamin C Let’s Get This Straight Once and For All

There are idiots out there claiming vitamin C is not the same as ascorbic acid. Significantly, those who circulate this tripe have no proper medical or scientific background. The guy that seems to have got this going is supposed to be a chiropractor or DN, so God knows what they teach at their colleges.

The truth is, vitamin C is a miracle worker and, as I’ll share in a minute, even some orthodox doctors are now suggesting it as a cancer cure and a life-saver in cases of widespread sepsis. It doesn’t matter whether you call it vitamin C or ascorbic acid. It’s IRRELEVANT.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s “natural” or synthetic. All the magnificent healing work comes from a synthetic product, made in the lab. On the bottle it says “ascorbic acid.” It’s identical to “vitamin C” from an orange.

What these idiots can’t seem to manage to get into their thick skulls, is that you can’t heal anything with oranges! You’d need to eat hundreds of oranges in a day to get the quantities that stall cancer or bring a person with sepsis back from the grave.

“Natural” vitamin C cures nothing—you simply can’t get enough of it to gain any healing traction. So it’s made in the lab. We’re talking maybe 50 – 100 grams a dose. There’s 50 mg or so in an orange (if you’re lucky!) so 100 grams = 2,000 oranges!

So, Let’s Get On With The Serious Story

It’s exciting that mainstream medicine is now recognizing the anti-tumor properties of vitamin C. I’ve been blogging for decades that it’s cytotoxic to cancer cells in quantities as low as 3 mg/100 mls. Yet it does no harm to healthy cells at much higher levels.

Vitamin C is an almost perfect medication: not toxic, even at enormous doses and yet effective at healing in very low doses.

Cancer cells are killed by vitamin C just because cancer cells are different. Inside a cancer cell, vitamin C, normally an antioxidant in a healthy cell, actually acts as a pro-oxidant and kills the cancer cell. Flood the body with enough C and it will soak all the nooks and crannies and blast those pesky malignant cells, wherever they are trying to hide.

Safely. That’s the key word. It does it safely.

There is no phenomenon of developing resistance, which is what makes chemo so dangerous.

Professor Jeanne A. Drisko, MD, a diagnostic radiology specialist at the University of Kansas, and her team have shown that very dangerous cancers can be beaten, using IV vitamin C. Specifically, stage IV pancreatic cancer and a couple of cases with ovarian cancer.[1]

Follow up: Dr. Andrew Saul’s excellent references from this citation.

Even patients with deadly glioblastoma survived for 4 to 6 months longer than the average survival time noticed in patients who undergo conventional treatment alone. Specifically, patients who also received high doses of ascorbic acid survived for 18 to 22 months compared with 14 to 16 months, which is the typical survival rate for glioblastoma.[2]

A few extra months might not seem long (not very high doses were used). But actually 6 months longer represents a massive 42% increase in lifespan! This is worth exploring and AT LAST conventional doctors are doing just that.

No Inhibition

The usual garbage you hear from hard-wired mainstream oncologists is that vitamin C is “dangerous”. That’s because (they claim) it interferes with chemo and stops it working. They just ignore the fact that chemo doesn’t work either on people NOT taking vitamin C!

The scientific truth is antioxidants and other nutrients do not interfere with chemotherapy or radiation therapy and can increase survival.[3]

“At high concentrations, ascorbate does not interfere with chemotherapy or irradiation and may enhance efficacy in some situations . . . Meta-analyses of clinical studies involving cancer and vitamins also conclude that antioxidant supplementation does not interfere with the efficacy of chemotherapy.” [4]

This is to counter and evil and stupid 2008 study from Sloan-Kettering. The study was performed on mice (so what, you ask?) The underperforming “researchers” didn’t seem aware that mice—like most animals—make their own onboard vitamin C. The equivalent, in human terms, of about 10 grams a day (10,000 mg)![5]

Yet, the researchers claimed that supplementing the mice with as little as 100 mg of vitamin C could “blunt” the effectiveness of chemo. Well, chemo doesn’t have any effectiveness, but we’ll let that pass for another day.[6]

Their claims were trumpeted far and wide in the media, which loves to run stories that vitamin C is dangerous! They then ignored the absurdity that in mice taking 10,000 mg a day, the chemo was “effective”, yet if the mice had 10,100 mg, chemo was spoiled.

It doesn’t make any sense.

There Are Real Benefits

The important story is that vitamin C greatly benefits cancer patients, quite aside from any cancer cell killing it does:

  • Vitamin C reduces the side effects of chemo.
  • Vitamin C reduces the side effects of radiation.
  • Vitamin C reduces post-surgical inflammation and infection, and reduces healing time.

Cancer patients can and should take antioxidants and other nutritional supplements while undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Vitamin C and other nutrients reduce side effects, and actually improve the results with both chemo and radiation.

Radiation Oncologist, Victor Marcial-Vega, MD, always administers high-dose-vitamin-C-therapy to his cancer patients. He says, “Vitamin C has two effects; It increases the beneficial effects of radiation and chemotherapy and decreases the adverse effects. Once you start using IV vitamin C, the effect is so dramatic that it is difficult to go back to not using it.

“Vitamin C increases the beneficial effects of radiation and chemotherapy and decreases the adverse effects. But this is not a subtle effect, is not 15-20%, it’s a dramatic effect. Once you start using IV vitamin C, the effect is so dramatic that it is difficult to go back to not using it.”[7]

So, if you are facing any kind of malignancy, plonk this article down on your doctor’s desk and DEMAND he read it properly, including looking up the references.

And, of course, you can always get yourself a copy of my cancer alternative therapies “Bible”

When facing an oncologist, don’t take no for an answer. And don’t accept B*S*, like “It’s not allowed.” It’s in the literature! In Japan, for example, IV vitamin C is now a standard cancer treatment—and rightly so.

I was doing it 20 years ago… It’s a wonder therapy!

But let’s hope you never need it.

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor


3. Simone CB 2nd, Simone NL, Simone V, Simone CB. Altern Ther Health Med. 2007;13:22-28. also: Block K, Koch AC, Mead MN, Tothy PK, Newman RA, Gyllenhaal C. Impact of antioxidant supplementation on chemotherapeutic toxicity: a systematic review of the evidence from randomized controlled trials. [Int J Cancer. 2008;123:1227-1239. doi:10.1002/ijc.23754.]4.
5. Chatterjee IB, Majumder AK, Nandi BK, Subramanian N. Synthesis and some major functions of vitamin C in animals. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1975 Sep 30;258:24-47

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