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The REAL Truth About Cholesterol and Avoiding Heart Disease

There is one scientifically-proven FACT about cholesterol that is beyond question: we NEED it and we need LOTS of it. All else is rumor and false science. It’s marketing twaddle, in fact, not science at all.

When I was at med school, a “normal” cholesterol was about 265 mg. You’d think that was terrible today, due to constant brain-washing and propagandizing. But that’s just an altered emphasis, not altered human physiology.

Over the years, lower became “better” and there were people (Mike Adams comes to mind) boasting they had got their cholesterol down to 165mg or so. You cannot be healthy with a cholesterol so low. You’d be unable to make healthy testosterone and estrogen, with all the complications that implies.

Now all this is beyond scientific question: a major study in a major (prestige) journal has shown that cholesterol levels are not related AT ALL to cardiovascular risks. Meaning cholesterol levels were NEVER related to cardiovascular risk.[1]

And that means the entire multi-billion dollar edifice of statins from ‘Big Pharma’ is a pack of lies and was always a pack of lies.

I’ve been howling for decades that statin drugs have no proven benefit for any woman, ever, and also have no proven benefit for any man who has not had a heart attack. Add to that: the “evidence” of benefit for a man who has had a heart attack is scanty to nothing and the scale of the con game that Big Pharma has being working can be seen and it is staggering.

Not only do statins have no proven benefit, STATINS ARE PROVED TO BE HEART-TOXIC. These drugs tear up your CoQ10, one of the most vital substances your heart needs, to go on pumping, day in day out, month in, month out, year after year after year.[2]

Statins slowly kill the patient but the finger of suspicion never point to pharmaceuticals. “The patient died of a heart attack,” they make sure it’s written up that way. It’s a perfect blind…

And it’s sickening.

The New Study

In a sentence, so-called “bad cholesterol” does not accurately predict future cardiovascular events and is not a good indicator of the underlying causes of heart disease. In other words, statins are irrelevant to health.

Yet statins have been a billion industry for decades: in 2017 it was estimated to be around $20 billion.[3]

The media and scientific literature go on and on extolling the virtues of this class of drugs, over major diet and lifestyle changes. “Safe and effective” is the phrase I read over and over. This huge lie has been repeated so often that I think a lot of doctors actually believe it.

That’s the power of a slogan. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister understood it well. “Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it,” he is reputed to have said.

Well, as I said, statins are proven worthless, not effective. There are around 300 side effects been reported, many of which are life-threatening. STATINS ARE NOT SAFE AT ALL.

“Safe and effective” is a Goebbels-sized lie.

A New Idea

There’s a magical (shouldn’t really use that term) nutraceutical from a member of the citrus family, called Bergamot. It grows in lots of places but the best of the best comes from the Calabria region of southern Italy.

In fact the BEST of the best of the best is actually that which is certified by the Instituto del Bergamotta—and I know just where to get it!

Bergamot has the science, whereas statins do not! It can do anything that statins can do, and better, but WITHOUT complications and side-effects. It’s just a kind of lemon for heaven’s sake!

It will not screw up your coenzymeQ10 levels or harm your heart in any way. Your circulation is benefitted in ways the FDA will not allow me to describe.

One patient reported enhanced sexual performance, he said, “I now piss like a horse.” Very graphic, but you get the point of gains in the “down below” department (gotta say that for the prudish Americans). The rest of us would say…

What? OK, got to go!

But there are other benefits…

Liver Health

Liver damage is one of the most common and most dangerous health conditions out there. It goes hand in hand with overweight and obesity. Forget cirrhosis due to alcohol—that’s about 6% of the deaths.

More than 50% of liver damage leading to cirrhosis comes in the form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The name says it: the liver gets infiltrated with fat, swells, can’t function and pretty soon, you will die.

It’s now so prevalent, I am shocked. In Taiwan (now a “Western” society), 60% of the population over 40 years of age has NAFLD!

In the USA, it’s really bad too: one third of the adult population have NAFLD; but that rises to 65% in persons who are obese. The incidence increases as we age, so it’s a big factor to us Boomers. But plenty of kids have it too, which is a horrible trend. [figures from US National Institutes Of Health]

NAFLD has been observed in all ethnic groups with the highest prevalence seen in Hispanics compared with Caucasians and African Americans.

Bergamot supports healthy liver enzymes to protect against liver problems; that’s right, but not just protects against it, it actually helps support a healthy liver. In simple terms, that equates to growing younger.

The best preparation I know is one used by Australian cardiologist called Dr. Ross Walker MB, BS (Hons, FRACP, FCSANZ). And it just so happens the guys who supply HIM, supply me!

I have unique access to a grade of bergamot that would make Julian Whittaker and Stephen Sinatra jealous! It’s 47% pure—the highest so far achievable.

I also threw in some alpha lipoic acid, which is great for the liver. And chromium for improved glucose metabolism…Helps obesity indirectly. Can’t be too careful, eh?

I call my product Dr. Keith’s Own Bergamot, for distinction, and this top-of-the-range formulation (same as Ross Walker’s) is “Physicians Strength Bergamot.”

You can read more about this amazing and unique nutraceutical here, and decide for yourself if you need to take it.

There’s a free download bonus you’ll probably enjoy too!

To your excellent health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

The Official Alternative Doctor


1. European Heart Journal, 18 June 2019,

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