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Bad flu

Mar 19, 2020

We’ve Been Censored (Must Read)

Keith Scott-Mumby

The forces of baloney are on the hunt for truth-tellers… and taking them down. Vimeo, the video hosting site, has taken down one of my most crucial recent videos: the webinar I ran last week, linking EMF toxicity with immune vulnerability and susceptibility to the coronavirus. The excuse they gave was the usual “violations of […] The post We’ve Been Censored (Must Read) appeared first on Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby.

Mar 13, 2020

dr. Keith’s News Headlines

Keith Scott-Mumby

Better than trying to write a newsletter this week is to layout lots of what’s available. I’ve been busy; VERY busy! There was my very popular webinar last night about protecting ourselves and family from 5G and other EMFs (even 4G was never safe). There was also some discussion on whether 5G roll-outs might be […] The post dr. Keith’s News Headlines appeared first on Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby.
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