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Grab A Long Life While You Can!

This is an important announcement, rather than my usual newsletter. I decided to switch at the last minute, since the news is current and very critical to us all.

The FDA is coming for your final years. They want to take them away and have you die sooner.

Strictly speaking, it’s a greedy little scientist (not a doctor) who wants you to either make him rich or he’ll let you die young. He’s now ensnared the FDA in his little scheme—but we are on to him.

Professor David Sinclair PhD at Harvard University (a biologist) has been working the system for years. One wonder if he ever does any work as professor, teaching his students, or is he too busy on research? Remember my long-standing cynical saying: most medical “research” is really just clever marketing!

Sinclair, you may know, came out with “miracle” discoveries about resveratrol years ago, much to the annoyance of his academic colleagues, and sold all the research to the highest bidder… and then the “holes” in his research appeared. You may have noticed, nobody talks so much about resveratrol anymore?

Unless you want to drink over 30 bottles of red wine a day, resveratrol is a non-story. Animal studies suggest as much as 500 mg daily may be necessary to provide any of the claimed health benefits (my own formula—below—has the full 500 mg). Red wine contains at most 12 mg resveratrol per liter, more typically about 3 mg, so to get 500 mg daily, you’d need to drink 40 liters or more of wine daily. 

It May All Disappear

Now Sinclair is trying to repeat his tricky deal. He has published a lot of research on NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), showing how essential it is to healthy aging. Sinclair and his corporation, Metro International Biotech, now want their version of NMN, MIB-626, to be classified as a drug. They want this miracle molecule, which exists for-free in Nature, to become an expensive pharmaceutical drug and NMN the rest of us use to be banned. 

Smirky David Sinclair. If his coup comes off, he’ll have plenty to smirk about

The FDA announced its cooperation in this coup. If this sneaky action goes through, NMN will no longer be classified as a food supplement but as a pharmaceutical drug under investigation and that will stop all sales of NMN.

Sinclair will make $billions and you and I will be left to either pay the obscene profits to him and his cronies in Big Pharma, or suffer advanced aging. Talk about moving the goalposts!

Grab yourself a stockpile of NMN now: it’s flying off the shelves everywhere because of this attack.

See, NMN is about the best we have so far, to fight aging. It’s not NMN itself that will save us but a substance further down the line, derived from NMN,  called NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide plus). Sorry about these horrible names; that’s why we use abbreviations!

NAD+, part of the vitamin B3 family, is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in your body, and it is involved in hundreds of metabolic processes, including the sirtuin pathways.

Sirtuins are proteins that repair DNA damage and maintain the epigenome which regulates gene activity. The epigenome determines which genes are switched on or off, so even “bad” genes are not so bad, if they are switched off!

Research has shown that NAD+ decreases with age and this decrease is involved in a lot of age-related pathology and various diseases. I’ve shown you one of these pictures before but let me reproduce this one here:

The mouse on the left is older, slower, fatter and has a shabby grey coat. Yet these two animals are from the same litter! [But beware: the older-looking mouse was genetically engineered to age faster]. The slim, sleek mouse has been fed sirtuins.

Incidentally, ignore fake before-and-after images like the one below. But you wouldn’t believe something like this, would you? This one is from Herbalmax. Uuugh!

Herbalmax Photoshopped fake image

Research shows Raising NAD+ levels extends longevity and improves health in animals by preventing obesity, diabetes, and fatty liver disease, protecting the heart from damage, and stimulating liver regeneration. Furthermore, increasing intracellular NAD+ improves mitochondrial energetics and aerobic capacity.

As a result of these animal studies, increasing NAD+ levels with NAD+ precursors that are derivatives of vitamin B3 — such as niacinamide, NMN, and nicotinamide riboside (NR) — are being investigated as potential therapies to prevent and possibly reverse age-related disorders.

Take Action NOW

So, what are we to do? For the time being, we must await the FDA decision, which is pending. Sinclair has filed his application and there is a slow process to follow. The unpleasant result would be that Sinclair’s patented derivative substance from NMN, so-called MIB-626, will emerge as the victor and we the losers.

But if it can be shown that NMN was on sale, as a food supplement, before Sinclair made his application to have MIB-626 lifted into that slot, he will fail. The FDA (except in one of its moments of criminally over-stepping the mark) cannot ban a food supplement.

Trouble is, Sinclair is being sneaky and hiding the date of the first application. I feel sure it will come out eventually, though the FDA is not suppose to release it.

Be Pro-Active!

There are other pathways to NAD+, but don’t hold your breath! I would act now and grab a ton of NMN and keep it stockpiled. It’s flying off the shelves in stores, because people want to feel safe.

I have it for as little as $69.95, if you buy 6 bottles (you can buy just one).

Just click here and get bomb-proofed, until the full facts emerge.






To your good health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

PS This lady Holly Mann has a good, informative video on YouTube, if you want to follow through:

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