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Is Inflammation the Silent Killer?

It’s not vitamins, growth hormone, emotional cleansing, tender loving care (TLC) or even exercise. They all help, of course they do!

But it’s pretty clear to doctors who know their stuff what the number one factor is: you need to keep inflammation to an absolute minimum.

Inflammation is an insidious disease process that goes on in all tissues and organs and greatly accelerates change and decay.

Relaxed and efficient tissues and organs perform well but when they are hot and excited, suffering from a cascade of irritating painful chemicals known as inflammatory cytokines, everything quickly starts to break down and the aging process advances rapidly.

Most of the diseases which are hallmarks of decay and aging have a strong inflammatory component. back pain

Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes (yes, you read those last two right)… these are all, essentially, inflammatory diseases.

Inflammation can be caused by allergies, parasites, intolerant substances, chemical pollutants, electrical and magnetic field burdens, microbes (especially hidden chronic infections) and a host of other factors.

And inflammation is cooled down by important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids. Now you know why they work!

So What Can We Do?

Reduce the inflammatory load.

There is one very easy and amazingly successful way to do this, as I discovered in the late 1970s. You can do it. You don’t even need a doctor to help you.

If you do it right you’ll look and feel years younger within a matter of a couple of weeks. Patients I showed this to, back then, had amazing positive reactions from their friends and family: “What are you on? I want some!” and “You look ten years younger. What is your secret?”

Men looked fitter and more “present”; women looked sexier, with fewer lines and more energy, despite long hours in the kitchen or at the office.

What’s the big secret?

It’s eliminating stressor or inflammatory foods. These are not just allergy foods (which are very common) but other unsuitable elements in your diet.

Now this is NOT the same story as eating right for your type, the blood group diet, food combining or acid vs. alkaline foods, OR ANY OTHER DIET “THEORY”.

This is about working out your own personal UNIQUE anti-inflammatory diet.

I wrote a book on how to do it for yourself. It’s called “Diet Wise”. You can get a copy here.

Here’s the Truth

The truth is that everybody is unique. That means nobody is average. That means there are an infinite number of “types”. You need to dump all that stuff and grasp one simple fact: your own perfect eating plan is exclusive to you and you won’t find it in anyone else’s book!

You have to figure out what foods are cool for you and which ones cause an inflammatory reaction. Eat the former and avoid the latter. Your body will love it!

I can tell you how to do all this and that’s the ONLY book you’ll really need. I called it “Diet Wise” because you would truly be wise about foods, if you only learned these few very simple health principles.

Most doctors haven’t a clue about nutrition. They ramble on about a “balanced” diet. By that, they seem to mean “a balance of junk”, like bread, cereals, cream, tea and coffee- they don’t get it and think all foods are friendly because they “feed us”.

The truth is that wrong foods can cause damage; a lot of damage. The wrong foods will age you quicker than warm cookies fly out of the kitchen.

Click here to read more about why this could be the most important health shift of your life.

Here’s to your enjoyable later youth (Shhhh! We don’t mention old age round here! I’m 66 and feel like I did when I was in my 20s!)

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